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For you, one-and-done is equivalent to absolutely none. You are a (wo)man among (wo)men. You are committed to us and so we pledge to be committed to you. You will gain early access to First Plays and other video-related content that we will turn out on a regular basis.

Also, you'll get front of the line treatment whenever you send us game commentary. You can rest assured that your submission will most likely be selected and read per our podcast tradition.

You also will receive:

  • A personalized shoutout in our upcoming episode.
  • Access to the NGP Patreon Activity Feed
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You are more than conquerors. For you, beating the game once just isn't good enough. You want to play it again with all the added benefits!

Join the exclusive Patreon Pool. Every 5 episodes (or so), you get to select a game from the Retro Master List to be in the pool for our game of the week. This will narrow the randomization process down significantly and your game might be chosen for a very special Patreon supported episode. If there is a particular game you want us to play, this level of support is perfect for you!

You also will receive:

  • A personalized shoutout in our upcoming episode
  • Access to the NGP Patreon Activity Feed
  • Early access to First Plays
  • Front of the line treatment
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Who are you?

We are New Game Plus, a retro gaming podcast where three guys spend seven days playing one old game and then we talk about it. We have been making weekly podcasts since September 2015. Every episode is devoted to a different game that is at least fifteen years old. It can be any genre and on any console. It can be a game that is overwhelmingly loved OR a game that is universally hated. Each week's game is randomly selected from our ever-growing listener-generated Retro Master List.

Why have a Patreon?

We do what we do for you for free. That will never change. However, after a year of producing weekly content for our dedicated listeners, we have decided to bring you on board and to have you partner with us in our future endeavors. All three of us hold full-time jobs unrelated to the podcast. It's not necessarily within our goals to quit our day jobs and do NGP full-time in the future, but your generous donations will make it so that we can reasonably dedicate more time to this project and produce far more content than we are currently able to.

We have short-term and long-term goals that include things like video-casts, First Plays, bonus episodes, high-profile guests, content creator collaborations, NGP merchandise, Twitch streams, and much more. It is with your support that we can make these dreams become reality.

A special note from NGP:

From day one we wanted to create a podcast that the three of us would enjoy listening to. We had no intentions of getting rich or famous. We had no false expectations that this thing would become an overnight success. We just wanted to translate our love for video games into a more substantial format that we could share with people like us. And then you stepped in.

Some of you have just stumbled across this page and this is our first meeting. Hello.
Others of you have been with us for the last year, faithfully listening to each episode and regularly sending in personal commentary or even taking the time to write kind messages showing your approval of the show.

For every single one of you, we want to sincerely say thank you. Thank you for listening to a single episode. Thank you for suggesting games to be added to our ever-growing list of games. Thank you for telling your friend about the NGP podcast. Thank you for tweeting us and retweeting us. Thank you for submitting commentary over a great game or even a crappy game that you played along with us. And lastly, thank you for every dollar that you've spared to aid us in our dreams of producing another year of New Game Plus. We are thankful for you.
$556 of $650 per month
Another 24 Hour Live Stream!!! Jk. Not really. But we did have so much fun live streaming with you that we are now committing to a monthly group live stream. Sometimes we'll play games together. Other times we'll host an AMA. Who knows? But it'll be both fun and consistent.
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