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About Now Hear This Entertainment

Thanks for visiting the "Now Hear This Entertainment" Patreon page.  Every week since February 2014 a new episode of the podcast has been released.  The show has grown to where some interviews even get done on-location!  Songwriters festivals, the widely known NAMM Show in California, and even an artist's hotel room are examples of where opportunities have presented themselves.  There's excitement over having launched NHTE merchandise and promotional items too.  Not to mention, podcasting events - some local, some requiring travel - help provide educational opportunities that can be implemented into NHTE.  But, like producing a podcast, these initiatives all come with a cost.  And since NHTE isn't some major corporate operation, the hope is that you, the listeners, will want to support the show beyond just listening and subscribing, by making a donation so that the show can continue on-schedule every week AND GROW!  Your consideration is most appreciated.
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Honestly? Hitting $100 per month will bring both the peace of knowing that listeners are onboard with what NHTE is and the content it delivers, AND, helps to cover regular expenses that currently are having to come out-of-pocket, unfortunately.
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