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Articles will include but are not limited to, artist and company spotlights, critical analysis of productions, features on trends in NOLA's performing arts scene, interviews with professionals, and more. 

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About New Orleans Box Office

Ever heard of a pop-up kitchen? Well New Orleans Box Office is a Pop-Up Theatre Box Office! NOLA has over 20 operating companies in the city and hundreds of theatre artists (over 3,500 people are in the New Orleans Onstage Theatre Facebook Group). In 2017 Actor’s Equity named New Orleans as the fastest growing theatre city in the United States!

However, it can be very hard to find when, where, and what exactly is happening in New Orleans theatre at any given time. We wanted to create a hub of information on theatre in New Orleans. That hub needs to meet New Orleanians where they live. We pop up at art markets, school markets, festivals, events, cafes, and shops around town promoting NOLA theatre and selling tickets to shows currently playing. As well as hold up an online presence that makes the information on NOLA performing arts easy to access, read, and navigate.

Our goal is to make theatre and performing arts accessible to all New Orleanians.

We are a promotion and outreach company for the amazing work artists are creating. We want to help artists and companies find their audience, grow their audience, and by doing so, increase the audience for the New Orleans theater scene as a whole. Co-founder and NOLA local AshleyRose Bailey has been performing, creating, and producing New Orleans theater for 12 years as well as building a career as an administrator across multiple fields. Co-founder Megan Kosmoski has 7 years of experience in content marketing and event management, along with 10 years as a theatre producer and director, working in Washington D.C., New York City, and New Orleans. With our powers combined, we hope to create a company that will connect the community of New Orleans to the amazing theater being created here!

We work within the budget of each theatre company or individual to give great support while not overextending NOBO’s capabilities. Our services are on a sliding scale for artists and companies keeping up our company’s values of inclusivity and accessibility. We offer services in face-to-face pop up marketing, online promoting, content creation, and outreach. Online, we have an engaged, organic following of people in and around New Orleans as well as people who regularly travel to the city.

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