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Hey there! 

I'm Patrick and I'm a YouTube content creator!
I upload video's throughout the week, spread out over two channels.
One's for opinion-based, educational and humorous video's, the other one for gaming!
So yeah, you could say that this is my full-time job. Except, I don't get paid for it..
Now, I really wanna keep this all going and start helping smaller channels, but it cost money. I hope you're interested and able to help me out!

I've always had a passion for wanting to make people laugh and enjoy themselves.
Even in middle school, I always tried to be the class-clown and I think that just never changed.

Some of you might have heard about the so-called adpocalypse, where advertisers have pulled the plug out of their investments on YouTube due to certain reasons. To make matters even worse; This happened right my channel was starting to stabilize, both in monthly views and providing me with a somewhat steady (albeit small) income. 

This is basically a last resort, a tip-jar, a way to try and keep being able to do what I do and love on YouTube.

If you enjoy what I do, and I certainly hope you do! I would appreciate it so much if you even considered donating a monthly fee.
Even if it stays with 'considering' - thank you.

I love you.

Infotainment Channel 
Gaming Channel

$0 of $100 per month
This goal would basically cover all of my small investments for the channel!
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