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Thank you very much! Every little bit helps and am grateful. Feel free to comment on posts and lurk all you want!




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Welcome to NonTraditional Board Games (NTBoardGames for short)! I am Adam Dork and I run this thing.

NTBoardGames started as (and still is) a MeetUp group in Silver Spring, MD. I was looking for people who wanted to play board games and was having problems finding people reliable enough to do it. That was on April 8, 2012. Four years have passed and I am looking at more ways to give back to the group and people anywhere who enjoy board games but want something just a little bit different.


In February of 2016, a friend and I started a podcast for the group called, "I Can Deal." It is a board game show about board games where we talk about board games. Neat, huh?

We originally the show, "I Can Deal," had us playing a simple game while recording but did away with it in order to focus more on the discussions. Adding a little more content (and to have some fun), I started recording the western/steampunk/horror RPG we are playing called Through the Breach. Besides just posting it, I do some editing and add some ambiance (sound effects & music) to give the listener a more fun user experience.

Two more RPG dramas that are currently happening are HEX Adventures (pulp adventure in mid 1930s) and Edge of the Empire (Star Wars). They are getting the same editing and ambiance added to a better experience like Through the Breach is getting. This way

All of this is available free on the NTBoardGames SoundCloud page.


Along the way, the website took form to give a writing outlet. The podcast would be posted on the site but the idea is to create to fun, original content on the site, some "reviews," pictures, and ramblings that you can't find anywhere else!


This is a new endeavor and I have a lot of ideas to use on here. Slowly but surely video content is arriving. I aim for these fun little videos to be something a bit different as well as some streaming of live gameplaying.


I have no intentions for charging for any of this content, it is all free. But if you would like to contribute or pledge money towards NTBoardGames, I would be truly grateful.

Thank you

Let's Play Some Games!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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