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About november nights

✧  Hi there, welcome to a very special corner of the internet ✧

please, make yourself comfortable, grab your favorite tea (we have a fine selection right here on the right) and join us. we'll talk art, productivity, books, mindfulness and all things creative.

Thank you for taking some time from your day to get to know me, my name is Hala, and I draw, paint, create, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm also obsessed with productivity which is why I adopted the bullet journal system into my daily routine.

What to expect when you pledge
When you see other people's social presence, you see curated creative content which is only the tip of a productivity iceberg. The end result is only a small part of the creative process which goes on behind the scenes. When you pledge you'll get to see my own creative process, and I'll get to help you with yours. I'll share with you where I get my inspiration, the books I'm reading, how I plan my month, and what goes into my daily routine, in addition to many more beautiful things.

How it works
If you like my message and you feel like supporting my art, you can do so by pledging (even 1$ is incredible). along with your pledge you get exclusive perks which you can check out on the right side panel. You can join anytime, edit your pledge anytime and cancel anytime.

You have no idea how much I appreciate you coming here to check out my work, and I will keep creating fun and pretty things to inspire the creative in you as well. stay awesome!!

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