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That's the thing about you guys, I love it! Fans of my music aren't followers.. they're leaders and they are self determining. 
You guys don't need a big marketing budget and a bunch of talking heads to form an opinion for you. You come to your own conclusions!! 

Speaking of conclusions, here's the one I came up with and the reason why I'm doing my crowd funding thru Patreon., throughout all the years of music I've made, I've never been paid by the record labels I've made music through. And now because I nver got paid, I refuse to put my music in another persons hands before it reaches yours.. 
I've decided to make my FAM my RECORD LABEL. 

I never really understood the idea of allowing one or two people to decide if the people get to hear something dope. Or get to experience Hip Hop at a higher level. I reject that notion. In fact I've found a way to rediscover my love and motivation to press forward as my own entity.

Are you up for it?? It's up to you guys this time. If you truly believe.. then I will make it so! 

Thank you for always supporting the things I've done and continue to do.. without you .. truly.. there is no ME.
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Unlock exclusive content and join my community of patrons. 
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  • Becomes official NYOIL team member and has access to exclusive team offers
I got FIVE ON IT!!
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Get the highest-quality versions of my work.
  • 3 new songs posted a month.
  • High-quality downloads of my songs (mp3)
  • New Artwork Every Month
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E-Street Team
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Join me for a monthly livestream label meeting where we discuss the direction of the music.
  • Podcast shout outs
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  • 3 new songs monthly
  • Access to NY Private Performance session 
Keep it 100!!
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  • 20% off all merch
  • 4 songs monthly
  • Monthly Merch Madness FREE gift 
  • Listed as an executive producer on that months project

Collaboration situation
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Let's work together on an upcoming song.
  • 1 / 16 bar verse
  • Home studio recorded. 
  • 2 week turn around
  • Stems / w reference track
  • Project promoted on tier 1 social networks (FB/Twitter/Instagram) during release.

Collab Plus Ultra
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  • 3 day turn around 
  • Video chat collab / writing session
  • 1/ 16 plus Chorus/ Bridge. 
  • Promoted on all NYOIL/Kool Kim social media platforms
  • Stems and Reference track

$13 of $100 per month
This represents the beginning. 
  • I'll use a portion of this to pay for expanded services at key sites like Soundcloud / Bandcam et al. 
  • the rest will go towards operational expenses 
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