Narc, Narc: Who's There?

is creating The account of my narcissistic discard & parental alienation

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Narcissistic abuse and narcissistic discard, especially in combination with parental alienation, is the most difficult thing I've ever been through. It's been more than two years now since my ex-wife launched The Bomb. This is the story of what happened, with names and documents from the Court and others involved, so the real truth will be known. This is the story of her brazen and flagrant disregard for the custody agreement. This is the story of a complicit legal system that allows children to be held hostage to the legal process and lawyer's tactics. I have been a licensed mental health professional for nearly 30 years, a specialist in critical incident and trauma (including domestic violence), and this is my experience which left me numb, a chronic sufferer of C-PTSD, completely undone, and devastated psychologically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. It is time that the truth is known.
To that end, other than personal observations and opinions, everything I say will be presented as fact - with supporting documentation (either as appendices in the book, or posted on the website of the same name).
I am hoping for patrons who understand the fight against parental alienation and devastation of narcissistic abuse. For others, who know the anatomy of a book and the publishing process. And anyone who has been through this who might benefit from my story of narcissistic abuse.
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It is my hope and plan to start an Internet radio show of the same name, Narc, Narc: Who's There? Once I've reached my goal...
A forum for help and ideas, sharing your story, interviews and more...
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