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About Narmak

I work hard to make animations. Its only me, myself, and I who makes my videos; so far, I've done all the editing, animation, coloring, most voice acting, etc. Seeing my latest creations being de-monetized due to not being "advertisement-friendly" is just an absolutely, ferociously unpleasant experience. I don't animate for money; if I wanted a quick buck I would just stream video games or make react videos exclusively. I animate because I love to do it (though I question myself when I'm up at 4 a.m. for the 7th night in a row). Using Patreon isn't about generating a source of revenue for my animations, but rather for giving me more time to do so.

I'm using Patreon because I don't make a lot of money from YouTube due my videos being susceptible to demonetization. I've set the donation/payment option to per-video, since my animations take a long time to make (frame-by-frame is hard!) and I can't reliable produce a video every month. Think of this as a tip jar; I'm a beautiful waiter bringing you your meal of an animation, while you are the customer who tips me for my deluctable work. Thank you my chode monkeys!

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