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About @NashSevereWx (David, Will, & Andrew)

We're asking you to support us financially. You probably know @NashSevereWx and NashSevereWx.com is run by three locals who live/work in Nashville/Davidson Co and Williamson Co. We're all married, we have full time jobs (no, this isn't our job!), and, yes, we all have kids (Will has the most). It's been our pleasure to cover the weather where we live, swim, eat hot chicken, work, go to concerts, study, play soccer, worship, sit in traffic....you know, Nashville things.

Over the past three years, this operation has been getting very expensive. We totaled it up. Just the weather stuff has cost several thousand dollars a year for several years running. That does not include computers, internet, and hardware. Most of that money is spent on weather data and website fees, hosting, etc. 

Our expenses recur monthly. We believe in what we are doing. There's more we can do, but we've hesitated to do it because, well, cool stuff costs money. We use professional quality software to produce screenshare and produce YouTube Live videos during severe and winter weather. We purchased, installed, and support 9 (so far) local web cams across both counties so we could see the hail, or God forbid, a tornado -- social science says people respond to photos videos better than radar data. When our computers go down, we'd like to buy new ones, without having to sit down and figure out how to make it work in the family budget. We've just committed a lot of time and some money to stabilize our website, make it run faster (and in the long run, for less money), and work great on mobile. I (David) went to a weather conference and learned a ton of stuff -- there I got an idea about establishing our own local mesonet -- local weather stations that report on wind speeds, dew points, temperature, and most important: road temps! This is our next big project: getting local data on the temp of our roads during those many times it's raining, sleeting, and/or snowing at the same time at 31°, 32°, or 33°. We launched a store with logo items that will help chip away at expenses (we plan to grow out our merch if it sells), but mostly for us to continue to do this we need regular monthly donations because our expenses are regular and monthly.

Your monthly donation goes back into NashSevereWx. The most frequent question we get from family and friends has "are you making money off this?" The answer is "no." The money goes back into what we're doing. We won't sell ad space. We've been asked but we declined offers to purchase our content so it can be monitized.

So, yeah, we are asking for your financial support. Because our costs recur, we need your support to recur. If you're not in a place to support us, that's cool. We get it. We just want to serve the community the best way we know how. We aren't asking for financial help so we can quit our jobs to run @NashSevereWx and NashSevereWx.com. We aren't buying leather sofas and beer with it, either. We want to get better. We want this to work when y'all need it to work. We have the right people in place. We would like for it to not kill us financially. If you like what we've been up to and you'd like to be part of making it better, please help us out. 

Thanks, y'all. 

100% complete
More cameras, better equipment, with a goal toward putting eyes on any and every storm that rolls through. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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