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About Natalie Andrewson

Hi! I'm a freelance comic artist, printmaker and illustrator sharing insights into my studio and my Risograph process as well as sending out a monthly Risograph print. With your support I can produce more personal work and experiment more with the Risograph printing process.

I'll try and share my knowledge on everything I do creatively. That ranges from printing, making editorial illustrations, self publishing comics, working on a graphic novel, illustrating YA novels, running online stores, selling work at comic festivals and working digitally. I love to share tips and information with friends and I think this is a great platform for me to share with you as well. 

What you'll see here:
Depending on your level of patronage, you'll see sketches, works-in-progress, PSD layouts, inspiration and reference material, business/freelancer advice and tips and tricks I've found to make creative freelance life easier. You'll see a lot more of my Risograph work and process in the Risograph Print Subscription tier. 

About me:
I’m a cartoonist and illustrator currently living and working in Los Angeles. I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and went to school at Ringling College of Art and design in Florida, where I graduated in 2013. I work regularly for editorial clients like The New York Times and Charlotte Magazine as well as for YA book clients like Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins. I just finished work on a graphic novel adaptation of The Nutcracker and The Mouse King with First Second, which will be my first long form comic work. I self publish my comics and print them using a Risograph and table at comic festivals to share my work and engage with the comics community. In 2016 I was an Artist in Residence at the SVA RisoLAB and have been printing since. I now own my own Risograph in my home in LA and like to share about owning a Riso too. 

What is Risograph?
If you think of what a Xerox machine and a screen printing process's baby would look like it's Risograph. The images are printed using a screen burning process that happens entirely inside the Riso machine so you don't need a massive studio for screen pulling or a dark room for emulsion burning. The Risograph makes a stencil or 'master' of your image via thermal laser burning and wraps it around a large cylindrical drum that acts as the screen frame. Paper then runs flat through the machine while the drum rotates at high speeds, pushing soy-based ink through the master to create each separate ink's image on the paper. The result is a vintage looking spot color or CMYK print with a grain or screen tone texture that looks rich and vibrant. I like to make my work look as close to Lithograph prints as possible. Risograph is a digital duplicator and was originally intended as an environmentally friendly alternative to copy printers in schools and businesses. In the late 80's it was adopted by artists in Japan for it's beautiful layering quality and for it's accessibility, fostering experimental production. A Risograph can make small print quantities for cheaper than most printing processes and is a very hands-on process where artists can be involved in their production. The Riso company is still astonished that artists are using their machines to make multi-layered prints and books.

About the Risograph Print Subscription Tier:
If you've chosen the Print Subscription reward on the rewards tier then you’ll be getting a Risograph print from me every month, straight to your doorstep! The prints will often be small but ranging in size, around 4x6 up to 8.5x11. The prints will always be new and depicting a subject meaningful to me, most likely a girl on some kind of adventure or in a fantasy world. In addition to the physical print I'll share behind the scenes process, the digital image it's based off, plus the black and white final value separations. I'll also share my layer process and how I organized the file for printing. You'll also get all the previous tier rewards so that will include any other Riso files that I produce and tips I've learned along the way. I sell all my work in my online store and I'll still be posting pics of these prints on social media but some of these prints will only be available at comic festivals or exclusively for the Patreon subscribers. This tier also includes a discount to my online store if you'd like to receive older prints!

How the Risograph Subscription Tier works:
- On the 1st of every month you’ll be charged the subscription fee of $15 USD (or more depending on your tier).
- I’ll ship out the prints around the 20th~ of each month and send a heads up when it's posted! 
- ****If you become a Patron in the middle of the month you'll receive your prints in the following month. For example: if you sign up on Feb 10th then you'll receive your prints around March 20th because you aren't actually charged until March 1st, that that allows me to have to funds to make the print! I do this because if someone signs up in the middle of the month they aren't actually charged until the 1st of the following month. Until Patreon installs their 'Pay First' option then I'll have to keep it this way in order to make sure people don't sign up, receive the prints for free and then ditch. Thanks for understanding!***
- I currently have one tier for US shipping and one for International shipping. Please choose your correct tier, I won't be sending out your package if it's not in the right tier for your address! 
- If you choose this tier please make sure your address is *always* up to date in Patreon!
- If I'm able to print more in a month then I'll send out more prints than just one! Some will be exclusive to Patreon and some will be fun little Riso experiments. 

Here are some samples of Riso Subscription prints so far: 

Other sites where you can find my work:
My Website
Big Cartel, My Online Store

Thank you so much for your consideration!

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