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Thank you - you're supporting me in reaching my goals and expanding your skills at the same time! Let's revel in the amazing wonder of nature together!

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  • at least one short or focus tutorial (under 5 hours) in coloured pencil or graphite each month
  • PLUS a longer, more in depth real time tutorial, working on a more complex, complete piece of art - this can be anywhere from 3 to 30 hours long!
  • always recorded in real time - no time-lapses or missed techniques
  • I will walk you through the entire process in each tutorial, and you can create in real time with me
  • for all levels of creatives, from beginner and up
  • occasional live draw alongs
  • all previous months tutorials and recorded draw-and-chat-alongs
Creative Guidance
  • blog posts on creative tips, techniques and artist self care, ramblings and musings
  • link to tutorials on my website, updated each month
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  • first look at new personal art
  • early access to information on upcoming collections
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About Natalie Eslick

I'm an Australian artist besotted by wildlife and nature, always with a pencil in hand, and driven to share the creative process with everyone. Powered by tea and strawberries, a big fan of apples and kitty snuggles, I believe in kindness, always.

My goal for this channel is to empower YOU to create beauty inspired by the intricacies and wonder of the world around us! Anyone can develop their drawing skills, not with just practice alone, but with intentional practice. The basis for my tutorials and written information is around intentionally developing your observational skills. I will walk you through every step of creating realistic drawings of a myriad of animals and wildlife, botanicals and other realistic renderings of nature - honouring their majesty, beauty and subtleties, and we will develop our artistic skills together while creating a bit of magic!

The two main tiers, Enchanted and Magical, are focused on providing you with real time tutorials to help you make beautiful realistic art - the main difference being the length, size and complexity of the tutorials. The shorter tutorials, usually done on a smaller substrate, and generally under around 5 hours are in the $5 tier. The $10 tier and above have access to these tutorials as well as longer ones, up to 20 hours long in real time, broken into multiple videos, larger pieces with more complex compositions or full animal bodies. I want to stress though that these longer tutorials can still be approached by the beginner artist with a sense of adventure, patience, and a willingness to learn while being challenged. You will see my entire process, and it is in the doing, the following along, that the learning happens! Higher tiers, $30 and up, are for those wishing to obtain some original art or to play a more traditional patronage role - artists and art enthusiasts alike, committed to supporting my growth as an artist, creative guide, and entrepreneur. Higher tiers also receive a dedicated monthly newsletter that delves into my learnings as an artist, everything I have been working on for the month, and my plans and dreams.

As my channel grows I hope to be able more personalised and in depth guidance through specific mentoring tiers - more on that later!!

This channel is focused on my realistic wildlife, botanical and landscape art, and teaching you the techniques I use. There is a deep and beautiful magic in our non-human kin, and the clans that grow from the earth itself, and honing our observational and drawing skills on honouring their likeness is such a delight. Developing these skills can also help you grow in other art forms - I also create original artwork and lessons with more fantastical themes and often in multiple media. If you are interested in my fantasy art work, you can find links to classes here:

I am so grateful for your support - you are helping not only realise my own dreams, but also helping other artists grow. That is a beautiful and generous thing indeed. I firmly believe that all art created with intention and heart can only make the world a better place, and you, dear patron, are amazing.
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Growing our community to 500 patrons means I will be able to focus on providing art tutorials and creative guidance full time! This means more content for you, and more opportunities for us to create together!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 199 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 199 exclusive posts

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