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Thank you so much! Just for joining you get voting rights on what songs I cover and access to the Patreon exclusive posts and behind the scenes news!

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You'll get to peek behind the curtain & hear exclusive voice memos, see scans of my song notes & see special photos & videos from the road that I won't share anywhere else.

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I'll thank you at the end of my cover song YouTube videos. These are on the www for ever and ever and you never know when one might get millions of views! Plus we will do a monthly-ish Google hangout!

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About Natalie Gelman

Hey! I'm Natalie Gelman, a musician and songwriter. I grew up busking in the NYC subways and have toured all over the US and Europe without a label, manager or agent. You, the fans, are what keep me afloat through all of it as an independent artist. 

I'm really excited to be starting this Patreon community but the truth is you've always been my patrons. You've hosted house concerts, let me crash in your guest room, borrow your car or your ukulele, fed me on the road... I could go on but you get the idea.

So, I'm here on Patreon because I want to make our music-love-fest official. I want a space where I can share some extra special stuff with the peeps that really make it possible and to start a conversation about the projects and work you want most.

And it is work. On top of all the hours I spend every week on my work, I invest nearly every dollar I make back into my music to pay for recording, videos, new equipment and gear, repairs, website hosting and dozens of other things I am blocking from my memory.

As I finish up what will be my third studio album I'm realizing that I've been craving a more ongoing connection with my community and that it's not sustainable for me to keep going the way I am... and that it's not allowing me to grow as an artist.

I put out a lot of music and videos constantly that are free for you but cost me a lot to create and I want to keep offering everything I can dream up to the world but I need my dreams and my financial reality to get a little closer... 

So I hope you'll join me here on Patreon and support the "things" I believe are worth my energy and your money. I chose to run this as a per-thing instead of per-month basis because I found as I made my last album that is how I work best. I will try to have something extra special for you monthly or so and it may fall slightly more or less some months.

As this grows and I have a bigger budget per "thing" to spend on the projects I can create more and special MP3's, Videos and more work not exclusive only to Patreon too!

Access to the Patreon only feed starts at just $1 and I am truly so grateful for any and all support sent my way to keep making music my full-time (and then some) gig. 

You can cap your monthly charges to make sure you stay in your budget and Patreon charges your credit card or Paypal account on the 1st of the following month. 

Check out the rewards I've set up too and if you have any questions just let me know at [email protected]

If you would prefer to just make a one-time pledge of support you can do that through this Paypal donation link.

Thank you so much always for being in my corner and just for listening to my music and being here... I love you.
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If we reach this goal you will be covering all my monthly expenses... rent, food, insurance, gas and bills. Wow!!! I would be so grateful for the safety of knowing my cats have a roof over their head and I can afford burritos aaaand in all seriousness, I can invest more in my career and into making more music and videos. Cats/You/Me... Win/Win/Win!! ❤️   The burritos don't win but they will be delish. I promise to write a song (thats not entirely cheesy - ha!) about burritos if we reach this goal!!
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