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About Natalie Nicole Gilbert

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my Patreon page. No donation is too small; thanks for supporting indie artists.

What is Patreon? It's a mix between a tip jar and a Kickstarter project, giving fans, friends, followers and family an opportunity to contribute to and empower artists of all kinds to keep doing what they're doing, but with more resources and ability to polish their projects and products so they can have a greater reach and impact.

What are you doing on here? I have some amazing fans and greatly value their participation in my career by listening to my music, sharing it with others via retweets and fb shares, and their feedback along the way as I release new tunes. I'm where I am today because of the support you've already given me. I'm ready to kick it up a notch, creating more projects that aren't just recorded in my home studio with a few donated hours from local musicians and producers, creating professional music videos, and generally having more creative tools at my disposal to keep making music that's fun and pensive. 

Where does the money go? Producing music has many hard costs. These are just a few of the expenses associated with releasing a song and CD:
  • Getting a mechanical license for the music if it's not an original song - $50+ depending on number of digital copies downloaded or hard copies released
  • Time in the recording studio - $100/hr, usually to the tune of 4-10 hours per song. Vocals and some keyboard work can be cut in my home studio, but my neighbors would not appreciate my recording trumpets, drums, violins, or cellos in my home studio - trust me.
  • A professional engineer to mix and master the final audio from the session - $50 or more per song; this is a crucial element of radio, TV and film ready music, and most music supervisors for big productions won't accept music that hasn't been professionally mastered.
  • Creating the graphics, press kit(s) and collateral assets (posters, social media banners, download cards, etc.) for the digital and hard copy CD releases - $500+
  • Pressing CDs - $800+ for 300 CDs or more. We had a wonderfully successful Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago to raise the money for 1,000 copies of my last CD, and we're so grateful to all of you who made that Slip of the Tongue CD possible. 
  • Distribution of the CD - $50 to release to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.
  • Mailing the CD and press kit to music publishers, music supervisors, music reviewers, collaborators, fellow Recording Academy/GRAMMY/NARAS voting members and others who consider music for placement, distribution or re-recording - $2 per package, often at 30 or more packages a month
  • Staying an active voting member of the Recording Academy - $120 Annually
  • Keeping an active Media Company registration with the Recording Academy so new music can be submitted for consideration in the GRAMMY Awards - A separate $120 Annually

  • For just one single song release fees easily total over $1,050 - and that doesn't even cover the time invested as the artist songwriting, rehearsing, recording demos, practicing, attending workshops and networking events, prepping for concerts, and hours spent on social media to upload the music to various sites and drive traffic to those sites. The out of pocket price can be pretty hefty so it definitely deters artists from releasing more music more frequently, and also ties our hands at times we can only afford a certain amount of recording time, graphics, or CDs. It often means that independent artists have to spread out costs that could be conquered in one month over many months to make them more affordable, which in turn makes it take much longer before fans see and hear the finished product. You can also see my own personal expense budget milestones to the left to get a sense of how certain amount totals will help move my music forward.

    Will my $1-ish donation really make a difference? Absolutely. Over all my social networks I have well over 40,000 fans and followers. If even 1/2 or 1/4 of them gave just $1 a month or $1 per song, I could be releasing high quality tracks with a full jazz band or chamber orchestra every few months. I could also raise the bar on my music videos to better gain the attention of the decision makers who have the ability to place this music in films, TV shows and other arenas where it can gain traction and have a powerful impact.

    What if I can afford $1 a song today, but not a month or more from now? Hey, it's all good. We get that budgets change and the economy flexes. At absolutely any time you can cancel or adjust the amount of your donation. That's part of what makes Patreon such a powerful tool. You can even set your donation budget so if one month I release two songs instead of one, you're only charged the flat amount that's most comfortable for you.

    I do like to make a difference, but what do I get out of this? I'm glad you asked. You get lots of exclusives - demos, early releases of songs, access to my private Patreon Patron stream where you can interact with me and my music more directly. You have the option to get Skype or Google Hangout consultations from me (and my fellow artists and producers) if you're an up and coming artist yourself (see the contribution reward breakdowns below). You'll also have access to top tips and news from the music industry so that you and/or a loved one making their way through the music industry can have the best tools and knowledge at your disposal, also. This is really a team effort, and I will definitely make sure you're rewarded for being on my team.

    Ok, I think I've got this figured out, but I could use just a bit more info. Where can I find out more about NNG or reach out if I have a question about your campaign? Visit any of the social media sites listed below for more details about NNG music, or email us at [email protected]/* */ with your questions (or even in-kind donations if you're a super graphic artist, recording engineer, musician, or just have lots of CD sized bubble mailers sitting around that you'd like to donate).
    $1 of $25 per Song
    A previous distributor was charging $50 annually to keep each previously released album live. This wasn't bad for the first few years (especially back when that fee was $20 instead of $50), but over time as those CDs got less traffic, it put us in the red and ate all profits from those works just to keep them live on iTunes etc. We've taken those projects down and are in the process of moving them to a new distributor that charges $50 one-time plus ~10% of future sales. This will put those projects back in the black, but we need your help to slowly move those noteworthy previous projects to the new distributor. We already have some great graphic talent on board to make them look their best at no cost, so now we just need the completion funds to post each one again via the new distributor. We have a donor who will match your gifts dollar for dollar on this pledge, so $1 becomes 2, $25 becomes $50 and so on. Help us get these back online. We so appreciate your help with this undertaking, so these tunes don't gather dust, and can instead go back to iPod rotations everywhere for rainy days, running days, or chill driving days.
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