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Become part of my fam! I'm new to Patreon & not sure what I'm going to do here yet. So for the first few weeks as I'm finalizing everything, I am offering this fam-tier. This will show me who you are!  Since you are my first of the firsts, if you belong to my family tier, when you send me a private message here, I will respond! I might also include a surprise or two or three if you decide you'd like to send me more love.   ❤️❤️❤️ I'll talk to you about it to see what you might like. 🥰




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About Natasha Yi

You found me here which means you are looking for me & I truly love you for that! ❤️  I really appreciate your support. I just started this page and trying to decide what I should do over here. I might restart my IMYAGirl content back here. Any other suggestions?

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