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$1 /creation
Your name registered on a public thank you list as a sponsor.
plus access to all the comics, but that goes without saying.

Also...For subscribing patrons some behind the scenes views, wor...

$2 /creation
Little candies for your eye I'll cook up as often as I can!

$3 /creation
Access to 3D Anaglyph images and comics when I have time to make them!

$5 /creation
I will send you a personalized postcard!

$20 /creation
A drawing of a custom car, tank, starship, sailingship, mech, robot, Trojan-horse, war-animal or row-boat (whichever befits the comic's content) made in your honor will be attached as a sponsored s...

$40 /creation
You receive a piece of published original artwork. It could be a nice pencil sketch, a great sketchbook page or a fully inked original illustration. I will try to make the deal as generous and as s...

$80 /creation
Sponsor an extra 4 page back up feature! Plus all of the other rewards listed!

PLUS: a personalized postcard!