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About Nathalie Croix

I am Nathalie Croix - I created a Podcast called LIFE ON EARTH to share perspectives on all life experiences and all beings and to empower our listeners in this life time. I am the founder Of LIGHT CODE . Living A Life In Light , Online Coaching Programs and Platforms. 

I am a teacher of love - the practices I will teach you will transform your body, mind and spirit and your relationship to the world, life as is and others we come in contact with each day.

I hope you join me in this magnificent journey of Self discovery. I believe we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe birth is a continuation of something which has always existed and so is death, for there is no death only continuity of our inner light.

Through the Podcast - I am committed to sharing my experience of this life with you, by introducing our listeners to various healing techniques and healers. Ultimately my goal is to empower you, to teach you tools so that you can heal yourself. We are so lucky, we now live in a time on our Planet which we have so much access to information.

LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST serves as a catalyst for change. I began my spiritual journey at a very young age. I was fully aware of my spiritual path since age nine or ten and since then have been meditating, chanting and practicing yoga on and off the mat. I have been teaching now for almost twenty years. My training and learning background includes four extensive trips to India to study under my teacher Sri K,Pattabhi Jois, as well as meditation and philosophy with Professor Narasima. Since then I have had the opportunity to train under todays incredible master teachers.

I have led many yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings at the 200 and 300 Hour Level with over 100 student graduates. The yoga teacher trainings that I have created AHIMSA and SHRADDA are transformational. Our trainings are life enhancement for all areas of life. The trainings are much more than learning how to teach yoga - the trainings Wake Us Up to a new Earth - A life on Earth where you thrive, not survive. It gives us tools to not only enhance our lives, but those around us and hence our Planet. I will be releasing many videos, audios, podcasts, blogs, workshops, online courses, trainings, retreats, crystal healing, energy healing techniques, yoga practices, meditations and all that Spirit calls me to do. I am also the founder of my yoga studio Shanti Yoga Shala, my crystal line Aghora Crystals, Moon Rituals Workshops, a reiki energy channel healer, a medium and intuitive life coach.

I am committed to the path of light and transformation.

I am delighted for the opportunity to connect with you, for YOU matter in this world.

Please know that there is only one of you and the world needs the full expression of who you are, I am here to assist you on the path of transformation. I believe in you. With much gratitude I thank you for your support and your donations.

Your contribution allows us to continue to bring forth the light.

Together we will create a better planet for all beings.

Thank You!



I thought I was merely getting a reiki session from Nathalie, but when I left I realized it was much more than that. Before the session, Nathalie had chosen crystals to use specifically for me and made me extremely comfortable on the table. I don’t remember much after she began, I was so relaxed. At the end of the session, she told me about some of the spiritual insights that she received on my behalf and it helped me to make sense of some of the things in my life that I had experienced. When I left the session, I had more energy and it felt like I had more power behind my physical movements. It was like my power was returned to me! I also felt more clear in my body and mind, and more efficient as I was going through my day. I felt less resistance, I felt open and capable of dealing with everything…I couldn’t believe the difference! I highly recommend anyone to have a session with Nathalie, she is a unique and has the ability to channel very powerful healing.
-Noell Eanes, M.Ac. 


" Love this Podcast, the energy is just so positive and so insightful. Always take away something new or something old I needed a reminder about. Nathalie and I seem to be in very similar spaces in our lives (metaphysically speaking) and similar ideological upbringing, so I really connected to this podcast easily and now we are questioning and searching for our own truth and I definitely feel like she is helping me find my own answers with just insight from her own journey. Nathalie is full of light and fun ! And her accent is so easy on my ears!"
- Lsj007 ( iTunes)

" I love listening to Nathalie's podcast. It is so different and interesting. The topics are diverse and constantly changing, but the underlying themes are there. So open and so exploring. I feel more calm and centered after listening. "
- Maddy Minter 

" Insightful, thought-provoking, and sensitive - do something kind for yourself and listen to this cast."
- Berniel Bae 


" My experience at Shanti Yoga Shala is very difficult to put into words because it literally changed my life.
First of all, the way the opportunity to come train at the Shala was the perfect way to start what would be a beautiful journey.
I was looking for teacher trainings in the New Orleans area and I happened to come across a Vinyasa Teacher Training. which was exactly what I was looking for. At the moment I was in Panama (where I am from) and I immediately called Nathalie to book a spot and the training happened to be full. Luckily for me we had an immediate connection (over the phone!!) and she promised that if someone cancelled she would call me right away and because the Universe works in wonderful ways that is exactly what happened next.
The day she called to let me know someone had cancelled was probably the happiest day of 2014!!

After that things just got better.
In a short period of 5 months my life changed. I had turned around the way I practiced, I had learned more than in the past 3 years of college, I was able to begin teaching in the beautiful space, and I became part of an amazing family , the Shanti Yoga Love Warriors.
Nathalie and the whole Shanti Yoga Family are definitely a blessing and they were put in my way to help me grow and blossom.
The Shala became my second home while I was in New Orleans and I miss it every single day.
I recommend coming to practice here and I definitely recommend taking the Teacher Training if you wish to deepen your practice and/or teach.
As I said before, my experience at Shanti changed my life and I am infinitely grateful <3
Namaste "
- Aurora Brenes 

" Shanti Yoga Shala was the first place that exposed me so deeply to the true practice of yoga. I carry that space in my heart every day and will always be grateful for the transformation that took place there and the loving energy of my teacher Nathalie. Nathalie led us through such a spiritual experience every day we met for training, we cried, laughed, learned and created a strong community. Shanti's RYT200 training inspired me to keep studying and teaching Yoga as my full time job, and Nathalie guided me towards my next steps after my graduation to keep pursuing my dreams and passions. I know I will always have a home in Shanti Yoga Shala and forever thankful for the doors Nathalie and the studio opened up for me! " 
- Beatriz Bonnin

"I have experienced so much growth and healing since beginning my yoga teacher training with Nathalie at Shanti Yoga Shala. I believe that yoga is about connecting to the body, mind, and spirit. I have learned so much about not only the asanas, or physical postures, but also about how to find peace and love within myself and others. I am learning that I can spread peace and love into the world through not only teaching yoga but also through living out the principles of yoga, such as performing acts of kindness. Each weekend I feel so refreshed, with renewed vibrancy. I highly recommend the yoga teacher training at Shanti Yoga Shala for anyone who would like to deepen their own yoga practice as well as contribute to world healing."
- Katie Najder


” I have never actually been to this physical studio, but I took Nathalie’s Vinyasa out door class at the Rasalila Festival in Tampa FL, last fall, and I absolutely loved the experience. It was a beautiful sunny day, the live music by Wynne Paris was soothing and inspiring. There must have been 50 people, and she lead us all gracefully, through an intense series, and she even walked through the crowd to help me into a handstand, which i really appreciated.” – Erika H.

” After moving back to New Orleans from San Francisco, it was very challenging for me to find a yoga studio or instructor that could compare to those that I had become accustomed to in CA. So I was thrilled to discover Nathalie and have been doing yoga with her ever since (it’s been about 2 years) I encourage everyone to take a class with her. You will be hooked just like I was! No matter where you are in your practice; beginner, advanced and anywhere in between, you will find that her classes allow you to explore and test your own limits in a safe and beneficial way. Best Energy in town! Om Shanti.”
– Katherine England

” Nathalie Croix of Shanti Yoga Shala has a beautiful soul that radiates to everyone she meets. If you want to enjoy a wonderful yoga class complete with good music, beautiful shakti, and a teacher that will guide you into the “edge” of your pose this is the place. Nathalie really loves and knows yoga and it shows in her teaching.I love yoga and Nathalie has helped this love grow as well as help me move into poses I never thought I would be able to do.” – Lula Fortis

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