Nathan Crowder is creating Stories (and ephemera) from the superhero world of Cobalt City

Cobalt City Bus Pass

$1 /creation
Patron-first content, namely a minimum of one oven-fresh Cobalt City short story every month.

Cobalt City Peak Bus Pass

$3 /creation
In addition to the previous tier, you will get bonus relevant Metadata. This could be the playlist/soundtrack listing for what I put together while writing the story. It could include other in...

The Cobalt Inquirer

$9 /creation
Access to an exclusive video QA where I take reader questions and musing on all things Cobalt City. Or whatever seems on topic at the time.
Plus all previous content!

Cobalt City Public Library Card

$15 /creation
All previous content, PLUS one bonus location-based ephemera a month. As an urban planning/architecture/history geek, Cobalt City has a rich environment. This could include floor-plans, maps, ...

Hall of Records

$21 /creation
In addition to all of the above, the Hall of Records entitles you to a printed chapbook copy of the month's story, signed and dated. This will be a limited reward, so get on the list early!