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About Natural Fun

Welcome Travelers!

Natural Fun is a dungeons and dragons 5e real play podcast created by a 5 nerdy friends who wanted to play dungeons and dragons and one DM with a podcasting addiction. We are lewd, loud, and lovable with a story and laughs to share. New episodes are released every other Sunday.

About Our Campaign:

Listeners join our party as they explore the homebrew world of Mygaathe: a world where the Gods walk among mortals and magic is at the heart of everything.

With the help of the goddess Brigantia, they've discovered that a group of baddies called the Alcolytes of Ursa are seeking out the weapons of the gods and leaving many troubles in their wake. The first episode starts in the spa town of Willow in the Province of the god Pan, where the party quickly discovers that this is no time for a massage. 

About Our Party:

We are a two bard kind of party! #PartyinMygaathe  

Our group of five is comprised of Kestral (Ben) an orc bard, Willow Moonbow (Sunshine) a half elf bard, Anthony "Tony" Brightaxe (Mike) a dwarf paladin, Sigrid Thor (Irene) a human fighter and Moira (Lexa) a teifling rogue.

How does my patronage help?

Great question! Though we wish our passion for roleplaying and storytelling were enough to fuel this show, it's quickly become clear that isn't the case. There are monthly fees for hosting, promotional art costs, audio equipment and software and a lot of time and energy that goes into this adventure. (Heavy emphasis on blood, sweat, and tears)

That being said, every bit really helps us out. Your assistance may even one day help our excitable DM to achieve her dream of taking this show on the road to live events, conventions and more!

How can I help if I'm broke?

We are glad you asked! Many of our cast members work retail or live from paycheck to paycheck, so trust us when we say...we get it. 

You can still help our show by rating us 5 stars on iTunes and leaving a nice review.

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We have been so overwhelmed by the positive responses so far! We're so lucky to have such kind supporters inthe podcasting community and in our listeners. You help encourage us to keep creating and help us to do what we love. THANK YOU! 

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