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About Nature’s Uprise

Nature is on the Uprise. You can visit our website

We made it our mission to inspire students with science and technology. We support life, nature, and mother-earth as we educate our clients to trend topics within Ecology. We collaborate with non-profit organizations that align with our niche. We utilize science and technology to create an educational platform that could be used to enhance the quality of life. We are a one-stop solution to all things related to science and technology.

Read more About Us.
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We are a dynamic online company that wishes to grow with its members and supporters. We offer a free loyalty program with the opportunity to increase rewards for activities, such as referring. A lot of our content is made free to the public. We believe software and digital content should be free, which we support non-profit groups such as The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and GNU Operating System. But the creator should still be compensated for their time, work, education, and ideas. At least until society phases out the need for money. Most of it is intangible anyways, and if our planet were to stop allowing electricity, internet, and wireless signals all that info could be lost. More info on our planet could be found on our blog. Every contribution is a contribution to life. Funding supports our content, software, the companies that create them, increases non-profit funding, and environment sustaining activities. We have monthly subscriptions to our platform each containing interesting benefits or discounts that our supporters can indulge in to achieve their own goals. By working with Patreon we are able to not only generate a profit for them but also create a centralized hub for our members, supporters, volunteers, and sponsors to contribute and invest in our mission. We wish to develop a company exclusively online and compatible with all software/hardware. One of the most important goals we have is to provide value to our audience. We add value through new information, fresh inspiration, satisfying curiosity, and/or pure entertainment. We create value for them, and they will create value for us and our planet.

As a Patreon Member, we made it easy for individuals to support the environment and our mission as well. Patrons have an opportunity to join a team of Content Creators, work on various projects and programs while receiving various benefits and discounts outlined in our tiers. Creating content with us is a great value because it offers a way to create the same content that you love, but with less out-of-pocket cost than doing it on your own. By working as a team, we are able to reduce the workload, empower one another through shared experiences, and receive additional support to increase our quality and overall success. As we create together with company-exclusive software, provide meaningful feedback amongst one another's skills, accomplish goals, our environment will see benefit from our activity. Membership can be canceled anytime and is refundable so long as it is within Patreon Guidelines. There are several alternative methods to Grow With Us. We recommend it if you are interested in offering one-time or other non-monetary means of support. As a Patreon member, you will be supporting our mission, our content, and will be highly favored. Feel free to contribute as a creator and access our exclusive chats with other creators of your skill level. For every member that joins, a tree will be planted. As they interact with other creators, provide and receive feedback, jot down thoughts for later, more opportunities for Trees to be planted for our interactions will generate. This has been made possible through using the Grow Platform and supporting other non-profit organizations focused on similar planet sustaining ideas such as reforestation, improving air and water quality, combating climate change, and improving the livelihoods of farmers around the world. Once your profile is created, you will receive a shareable certificate that lets you know how many trees have been planted due to your contributions. Should a referral generate from sharing the certificate another Tree will be planted for each referral. On the profile, members can tailor the preferred frequency of feedback, set up particular skills they would like feedback on, and drive healthy competition amongst other creators.

Take a look at the Programs we have available. They are funded, managed, and made possible thanks to Content Creators on Patreon. We are targeting self-employed/entrepreneur-minded individuals and streamline the process to make it easier for individuals to turn their hobbies into careers and earn passive income rather than traditionally trading hours for income. Passive income makes it so that individuals can continue earning money in their sleep. We believe that our advances and continuous research in Science and Technology are making it so that people can get paid to do what they love, rather than doing things just for the money. All you need is a few programming skills and you could create bots or software that performs a task on its own, that generate a profit. We have just the right educational platform to teach you. With this sort of revolution, we should be able to create a society that can function without the need for money at all. Most of it is virtual anyway, we are still utilizing information that is not tangible as a means for controlling access to resources. We feel this is a better alternative to company-managed Cryptocurrency. We already have machines that create things for us. But machines cost money to build, maintain, and utilizes resources. The software does not. But why rush it when the software is already available to the public, and most of the time for free. And on top of that, many software in today's society are branding themselves as being compatible with other software through integrations. This makes streamlining tasks more simple, saves up time for other tasks, and allows content creators the ability to focus more on their content and ideas that could enhance it.

We think that the education system we have currently, like many of our other government-run systems is outdated. This can be seen through observation of the impact of COVID-19 and its impact on students. We brought ourselves into the battlefield during this time to support our students while the medical professionals work on a solution. Essentially after you are done learning your basics, how to effectively communicate, multitasking and managing heavy workloads, how to analyze and interpret data, and how to research. Many individuals are utilizing the internet to learn information through google searches, youtube videos, or communicating with others through social media. We offer a platform, intended for those interested in protecting our environment, utilizing technology and resources to do it, and then utilizing our success to develop pathways that students can utilize to maximize their academic success and achieve career happiness. People are not just working jobs anymore. Instead of living an unfulfilled life, with capped salary and growth potential, we educate on setting up multiple streamlines of income, building their brand, and investing in themselves. We know that there is a need for our services, and we are ready to simplify the process while remaining in compliance and up to date with government changes, society changes, software and hardware changes, and can have a more powerful impact on society as a whole.

But first, we are starting with our mission, completing goals in stages which our Patreon Members will have access to observe. We want to answer the question: Why can't people get paid just to be themselves? We are going to continue to incorporate ideas for generating profit or revenue from every activity that we do. We want to generate a profit from every interaction we have. We want to generate a profit by educating and doing the things we love. We want to set an example and become the first company to lead an organization of our kind. We want to streamline our vision, be transparent with our community, and become the support system they never knew they needed to gain the confidence needed to contribute to themselves and the environment. We contribute to other companies and non-profit organizations to increase available funding and research on finding cures or solutions to health problems, environmental concerns, and technological advances.

Nature is on the Uprise! We are allowing Nature to show us what it can do for us, how we can take better care of our ecosystem so that our ecosystem can take better care of us.
Our goal is to continuously make mistakes, learn from them, make changes, conduct lots of research, and have our supporters grow with us and become a part of a movement that could benefit the entire world.

Our Brand is about being eco-friendly and generating a profit from that. Our audience will include people from all sorts of backgrounds but to consist primarily of students, hobbyists, economists, and anyone seeking knowledge. We offer services to compliment this targeted audience. We make Plants and Aquatic Animals more accessible to the public and educate on ideas within Ecology. We use sustainable resources and recycled material in order to offer eco-friendly merchandise that aligns with our brand. We want to fill your closet with pieces that are comfortable, chic, and also make a positive impact on our environment. So do you want to build a future together?

Note: E-Learning Course Membership is a separate membership from Patreon Membership and offers its unique benefits. Having an E-Learning Course Membership is like being in a Mentorship Program, it will remove the ads from our blog and website a replace them with hidden bonuses and helpful tips and content, special offers and invitations, unlimited access to our online certification courses, allow access to premium locked content (such as E-books) and discounted rates on our services. And comes with a Money-Back Guarantee.

Feel free to Contact Us.

And now for the moment, you have been waiting for. the Monies Collected will be utilized to fund the Project called The Money Game, which is available through Nature's Loyalty Program. It is based on Gamification and is integrated with Our Website, Internal Notion Database, Discord, Twitch, and More. Many partners and affiliates have come together to present rewards for our item shop. This collaborative project was built by creators in our community with the intention to motivate us to live our best lives and inspire a global movement. increases productivity by building gamification into your everyday life. Awarding experience points and gold rewards as you successfully accomplish milestones throughout your day. Spend your gold so you can stop feeling guilty during your 'unproductive' moments. Boost your productivity with a live leaderboard, promoting friendly competitions between friends, family, and community. Extremly Versatile, earn rewards as you accomplish wins; track deadlines, punctuality, and progress.
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