Nawal Doucette is creating Bellydance Education, Drills and Combinations

Support From Afar

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A fan of my work, but not interested in taking classes you can still support my work, every dollar helps!

You Make me Swoon

$10 /mo
$10/month give you access to Practice Videos and including Choreography notes, and combination break downs.

All Video Access

$20 /mo
with 20+ get access to All my Monthly Posts PLUS  all bonus Access to my "Class Combination" practice videos I film for my Home studio weekly classes as well as at LEAST 2 healthy recipes Monthly!

1-1 Skype

$100 /mo
Patrons who have $100/monthly will not only receive monthly Content but will also be entitled to 1 hour private lesson Prepared JUST FOR YOU- in Yoga or Bellydance or Both :)