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The Show Must Go On

$1 /mo
If 1/100 of the visitors gave $1 a month each, $12 a year, the site would be funded enough to continue totally add free.  So we've set this amount for those that just want to see it keept clean.   

Pick your own Gun

$20 /mo
You tell me what gun you want to see an article about, and I will do it the first time I have access to that gun. I can't guarantee that I can find your gun, but it will go to the very top of my pr...

Pictures or Video

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Want to have your own personal Handgun or rifle displayed in an article? Patrons in this tier have the possibility to submit and have their own gun featured on NGRG


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Patrons Sponsoring 100usd will receive their own personal NGRG Staff t-shirt