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Thank you - a lot can be done by a simple dollar. Did you know if 10 people each gave a dollar a month, we will be able to keep our two servers running. We really appreciate the support.
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This is the single cost of one of our servers. We don't need much at the moment, but we really appreciate you taking care of the cost from us.
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Want to help shape the direction that NearBeach is going? We have a very strange agile development and wouldn't mind hearing an outsiders opinion. During the bug testing/fixing cycle, we want you to vote on which new features or improvements should be implemented in the next cycle.




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Welcome, NearBeach is an Open Source project management system currently being developed. We have been working on NearBeach since Jan 2017 and we aim to create a system that is;
  • User friendly
  • Always Open Sourced
  • Simple and fast to install

Currently NearBeach has the following modules built into it with much more being developed over time;
  • Project/Tasks
  • Simple 'To do' lists
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes/Invoices (still under heavy development)
  • Kanban Board (still under heavy development)
  • Requirement gathering
  • Adjustable user permissions
  • User groups (i.e Administrators, Team Leaders, Basic User, Read only)

We require your help

NearBeach is Open Sourced as does not have any income to help keep it afloat. We have yearly costs which are currently coming out of our own pockets. We are hoping to subsidise this with a patreon income. Some of our yearly costs are;
  • Web servers x2 - US$10 per year
  • Domain Registration - US$10 per year
  • Incorporation Registration - AU$70 per year
One major way you can help any Open Source project is to donate, any amount is really appreciated.

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