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About Star-Fall

For fans, by fans.
Launched in the fall of 2015, Star-Fall is a Science Fiction/Fantasy webcomic created by S.J. Dann and illustrated by J.S. Loomis. S.J. Dann and J.S. Loomis are lifelong fans of all things pertaining to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. Star-Fall is our way to pay homage to all the authors, artists, and creators whose works are a constant source of inspiration and enjoyment. Star-Fall has been over 3 years in the making, combing the countless ideas and concepts from the unique mind of author S.J. Dann, with the incredible artwork and designs of J.S. Loomis.

This is not a strip.
Star-Fall is not a comic strip. It is a full-size comic book on the web. Each page is a full-size standard comic book style page with an average of 4 or more panels per page. We feature more full-color content per square inch than your standard webcomic. We feel this is the best medium to convey all the action-packed adventures that take place in the comic. 

A different kind of creative process.
Every main character you see in the comic is based on the 3D concept art created by S.J. Dann. In addition to writing, S.J. Dann is a sculptor, and is deeply immersed in the hobby of creating custom action figures. To create a custom action figure, existing toys and action figures are disassembled, the parts of which are then then reassembled into new and unique creations and painted. The designs and illustrations for each main character in the comic start out as hand-built and fully painted custom action figures. Each new figure is then professionally photographed from every angle for reference. The reference photos are then sent to J.S. Loomis who  develops the character into a beautiful work of hand-drawn 2D art that brings the character to life in the comic. Creating custom action figures and original illustrations is a lot of fun but both processes are time-consuming and cost money.

Help us, Patreon. You're our only hope.
While the main Star-Fall comic is free to read, it is not free to create. We want to be able to bring you new and exclusive content as often as we can. By pledging your support through Patreon you can be directly involved in making this a reality. Help us continue to give you the fully developed characters, the obsessively detailed conceptual universe, the dynamic storytelling and the high quality full-color art that you crave! And as a thank you, there are some awesomely-juicy rewards available for pledging!

But wait, there's more!
By pledging your support, not only will you be keeping us up and running, you will also be contributing to our exciting long-term goals. With $300 raised we can produce 1 new full-size and full-color comic page weekly. With $500 raised we can produce 2 new full-size and full-color comic pages weekly. With $1000 raised we can produce 3 new full-size and full-color comic pages weekly. With $1500 raised we can produce a limited yearly run of exclusive full-size and full-color Star-Fall trade paperbacks. With $2000 raised we can produce a limited run of exclusive Star-Fall comic maquette statues. With $3000 raised we can produce a limited run of 2 exclusive Star-Fall Action Figures. With $6000 We can produce a limited exclusive set of 4 Star-Fall Action Figures featuring a fan-choice figure. With $10,000 we can produce a full run of a boxed-set of 7 Exclusive Star-Fall Action Figures featuring several fan-choice figures.

Star-Fall will always be free to read, but with your pledged support we can make it as awesome and frequent as possible. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your continued support!
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At the $300 tier we will produce 1 more full-size and full-color comic page per week!
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