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  • The Secret Life of Crows : Crowlogue. The Making of.(Preliminary, final lines for coloring, tutorials and bonus patreon extras.)
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About Nei Ruffino

Hi Everybody! Welcome to (one of) my homes!

This is a shared space where I will be inviting patrons to take part in a close look at creative process! We'll see of all the things floating around my desk...have you ever been curious about what goes into it?

I spent a lot of years looking for certain tutorials, things that could teach what a school does, but me being on my own, self taught, developed a lot of things that I never found a good tutorial to, or wishing the tutorials I found were better.

So to save anybody interested from this, I serve to write many tutorials that are not lacking in the fundemental things that are wished to be known by every artist.

My name is Nei Ruffino, and I am using as a way to:

- Share knowledge from my artistic eye and color sense, both digitally and traditionally
- P
rovide tutorials both basic and advanced for study
Show in depth 'step-by-steps' of my process and techniques
- U
pload a TON of art to view and download as High Res files
- Share secrets and pro tips that I have developed to SPEED UP, or slow down.
- Allow you to download .tiff files with all my 'layers' available to play with
- Give you Patron Exclusive sneak peaks of projects I'm working on for major publishers
- Reward you with PATRON ONLY Sketches and Paintings
- Sponsor my own creations that I want to tell and draw, while we work on them together

So Essentially, its a site where you can follow me and get stuff nobody else does, as a fan of the work, or as a student in art.

I'm giving away all my secrets and everything I can think of to teach anybody from novice to intermediate and even sometimes beyond.

Its literally all the information I can think of to hand off to anybody.

I've been asked for these, and still am asked about tutorials for years now, and I always said nah, I cant, no time. Yes these are very very time consuming but also worth my time now since I can do it properly, years after with composure and class.

Ive given little hints before, or told newcomers some much needed ground-floor basic knowledge when asked "How can I color as well as you?"......
But its hard to relay the same information so many times, its time consuming and lengthy, and without graphs and pictures how are you ever supposed to explain it correctly so the information is digested like it should be.

These are the best way I can say any of it, and it goes beyond to things you'd never even think about saying until you can see it.
The thing going on with Patreon, materials for study, tutorials, exclusive access to my critiques, they are as its most basic, an entire course I'm writing.
pretty serious about it, too.

join me for the ride ;)

"Never the End, Always the Beginning!"

Nei Ruffino
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If this Pledge is reached it will allow me to get the necessary software so that Patrons can receive How-To Videos and access to a live stream view of my drawing and coloring techniques in the industry that I work in.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 231 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 231 exclusive posts

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