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I'm Nekhs - writer, artist, and gamer. I host a stream on twitch that's a bit of a mixed bag, but generally revolves around survival games and RPGs.

I am not a cam girl - in fact, I refuse to show my actual face on stream. If you like the content I make, throw a few dollars my way - if not, no harm done.

You can find my twitch stream at - I'm live Monday night through Friday night, midnight to whenever I pass out.

I also sometimes dust the cobwebs off of my deviantArt at

--Questions and Answers--

  1. Why do you have a Patreon?

    Because, put bluntly, the only 9-5 style job I'm both qualified for and capable of doing in this area is call center work. My health isn't exactly great, but the bills still need to be paid. Thing is, call centers are meat grinders - even the best call center will chew you up and spit you out when you can't deal.
  2. What's with the Twitch schedule? Overnights?

    I started really working on the stream while at my call center job. The schedule was evenings - 3:30-12AM - and so midnight and later was the best I could do. My followers tend to be either overseas or night owls like me.

  3. What do I get for being a Patron?

    Honestly? Not a lot I wouldn't give out free. I'm not a fan of pay walls. I'm looking at making custom content once a month - some sort of wallpaper - and once per Patron at the $20 rank.

    The ranks follow:

    $1/month - you're a Patron. Get access to exclusive posts here on Patreon, a nice little digital hug, and that's about it.

    $3/month - Access to Patreon-friendly Discord server! You can read, but not send, messages at this level.

    $5/month - You can send messages in the Patreon-friendly Discord server!

    $10/month - Early access to all publicly posted art and writing at full resolution! All previous rewards included.

    $20/month - Special privileges in the Discord! You can use voice activity by default. Also a shinier gold title.

    $100/month - Let's do this - one on one gaming - er, session, not lesson. These things seem to be sorta-kinda multiple choice. Anyway, once a month, I'll play with - or against - you, one-on-one, any (multiplayer) game in my library.

    All levels - My eternal gratitude. Donations to this cause mean that I'm free from a living hell that already chewed me up and spit me out, twice. Freedom is important to me - so that gratitude doesn't guarantee I'll do anything at all for you, other than what I've already promised - which is to keep the content coming.
  4. Are you a boy or a girl?

    Great question, Professor Oak!

    I identify as a brightly-colored ball of thoughts, ideas, and emotions, trapped in a female flesh-prison.

    "She" or "her" is fine, though - dwelling overlong on pronoun usage calls attention to the presence of my physical form.

    I really don't understand why this question keeps coming up.

    To answer seriously: if I had to put myself in a series of boxes, they follow:

    agender, aromantic, demisexual
  5. I don't like pay walls

    That wasn't a question, but I definitely get what you're saying. All of this stuff? Perks. The basic content is the Twitch stream - I'll also continue to post art and scraps of writing when the mood strikes me - but that isn't what you're paying for, here, insofar as you're paying for anything at all, it's the stream of content - videos, doodles, snippets of thoughts, and the like.
  6. How do I throw money at your face?

    Don't. Coins are heavy and papercuts are scary.

    In seriousness, click the link and follow the directions.
  7. I can't support you on Patreon.

    That's also not a question! It's completely fine though, like I said before, you're not missing too much in the way of exclusive stuff. This is more so you can help me be more-or-less not-a-corpse and producing effectively free content.
$5 of $15 per month
Proof of concept, basically.

Validation that yeah, enough money is coming in to pay at least one of my bills on my own, even the smallest one.
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