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About NekoPan Cafe

Hello! Welcome to my patreon page!

I am a solodev and ecchi artist who has been developing Saeba, an ecchi action sidescroller similar to Senran Kagura, for the past couple years! During development, I have paid out of pocket for things like asset packs, sound effects, tools, and more!

Well, all of the systems are finished now, and all that's needed is lots of art assets!

Join the Saeba discord channel!

---More Information on my video game

Saeba is going to be a massive stylish sidescrolling action game set on an animal ear planet, with ecchi elements similar to the Senran Kagura series. It sets out to provide a deep, fun combat experience, and ecchi elements that are expanded upon with more varied concepts than the average ecchi games being released today!

Join the Saeba discord channel!

----What is 'ecchi'?

It's sex appeal, but not as explicit as porn or hentai. Think of anime with onsen episodes or episodes where clothes are ripped or the wind picks up and shows panties. This is a versatile concept as with enough creativity, it can be used anywhere!

----Why should I support you?

Recently I realized that it's not really possible to continue making all of the art assets for the game alone!

Basically, let's say I want the game to have 50 different outfits to be found through drops, chests, and monster drops. If each outfit takes 1 week to make, that's almost a year on just the outfits! But there's also story, enemies (I want there to be many different types), environments, weapons, bosses, hairstyles, and more!

You can probably see how this is unsustainable from that example alone. The only thing I can realistically do (short of massively downsizing the scope of the game) is begin outsourcing to talented artists to continue development~ But that's where you come in! By supporting this project, you are directly funding the outsourcing Saeba needs to continue and hopefully be released onto steam in a decent amount of time.

---Why not finish the game using Asset Packs?

Good question! Here are some reasons for why the game cannot be completed using this strategy:

1. Asset Packs also cost money! I've lost a lot of money buying asset packs that end up being incompatible with this project!

2. There are very few Asset Packs that apply to this game's artstyle and vision! Even when it comes to sound effects, I find myself either creating or individually buying more designed sounds that can be used in game from resources like Pond5!

3. These asset packs are usually made to be more general as an attempt to apply to the highest number of game developers. This usually means they're made to be used in games with a realistic graphics style or "fortnite" style, which can't be used very well in a game with an "anime" art style.

4. The game loses character when using general asset packs found in the unity marketplace

5. I have no creative control over the things I buy in asset packs and would rather not change the game to make them fit.

6. I just haven't had very much success with them.

Interesting links to check out:

Game Developer: Bomb-a-HEAD - This game developer has made multiple 2d sidescroller games with hand-drawn animations! Most of them are adult games, but they have made sfw games as well. Most if not all of these games have free demos, so try some of them yourself!
$111.45 of $500 per month
$500 a month will allow me to commission multiple artists for things like clothing and hairstyles. This money can also go towards buying expensive assets, such as terrain systems, engines for foliage that bend under the character's feet, etc, or additional game development software.
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