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  • My thanks and love!
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  • Concept Art and doodles of PRS
  • Early Access to PRS Pages
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For $5 a month you will get:
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About Nekomata

I've been working on Pokemon: Rising Shadows for over five years. Over 200 pages have been made thus far and while I have no intents of halting updates, it'd be great to get some extra funds to help with life and other things so I can work worry free!

Also while working on PRS, I've been working on an original comic: Nightfall! While Nightfall hasn't officially launched, I've been heavy in the concept and world-building stage.

Patrons will receive special access to both PRS/Nightfall concept art, full-resolution PRS pages and art, and other special goodies that I won't share anywhere else!

Click here to go to the main PRS site!

Below is  information on some of the rewards being offered.

Concept Art and Doodles
All Patrons will have access to view various art that I do that would normally never get posted, such as random/rough doodles and concepts that I would usually deem to spoiler-y or rough for formal upload on DeviantArt. This includes sketches/concepts for my other projects- not just PRS!

Monthly Request Streams
Almost every month I will do a stream where I take viewer requests. While this stream is open to the public, patrons get special perks.

$5+ Tier members get priority in request streams when present. At the $10 tier and higher, patrons can put in 'absentee' requests. This means they do not need to attend the request to put in a request. Patrons at the $25 tier get an additional non-absentee request.

Early Access to PRS Pages / Full Res Art
I will post PRS pages early here for the patrons. However, sometimes I might be running low on buffer and will be unable to post the pages early. I will do my absolute best to maintain a steady buffer to avoid this.

Early access to the PRS pages includes any previews / WIP shots I post. I typically share the odd panel or two on the PRS forums- but some previews will be patron exclusive- particularly ones that involve a large portion of the page or may be slightly more spoiler-y than the usual sneak-peaks.

In addition to getting the pages early, Patrons of the $10 tier and higher will get to see them in their full 2,216px × 3,324px glory! Patrons of the $25 tier can request access to the High Res version of any non-commission artwork I do.

Desktop Background
 Twice a month I'll put together a desktop background for all patrons of the $5 tier and up. The background may come from PRS pages, random art, etc.

Monthly Postcards
Every month I'll be printing out a batch of postcards to send to my wonderful supporters! It's a simple gift- but it certainly can be fun to get things in the mail! Each postcard will be signed by me with a short thank you message and a doodle.

Patrons who join in and have missed out on previous cards may request receiving and older print instead of the current monthly if I have any left in stock. The amount of each I print will vary depending no the number of patrons- so stock may be limited. Once I'm out of stock of one card, I will not print anymore.

You may request which postcard you want in the monthly Patron Form. If you do not specify which card, I will send you the most recent!

Time Lapse Videos
I will sometimes record my screen as I work on art. Whenever I do, I'll put together the recording/s into a video and speed it up so that people can see my art process sped up. Some videos will be public but many- especially those of commissions or other more serious work- will be patron exclusive. Any and all streams I do get recorded as well- those are the most likely to be public.

Scripts, Outlines, Layouts, and PDFs
At the end of each chapter all members of the $10+ tier will get access to the scripts, outlines, layouts, and annotated PDFs of the chapter. These will be the original plans of the chapter that may have changed before reaching their final iteration. Annotated PDFs may point out some hints and nods to other things.

Doodle/Sketch Requests
Patrons of the $15 tier get requests points each month that can be spent to get off-stream requests. The amount of points earned is determined by patron tier. The requests will be of similar quality as those in request streams. Below is what you may spend points on:

1 Point: Colors
- If there is a request that was lined at a stream I will finish it up!

2 Points: Lines and Colors
- I'll line and color any sketch that has been started. Since I like to record these in one go, I don't like to do lines individually outside of streams.

2 Points: New Sketch
- Start a new sketch! Usual rules apply.

8 Points: Backgrounds!
- Backgrounds are to be requested in place of colors as the setting influences how I color and shade. Backgrounds will be relatively simple (AKA: No city scenes or overly complicated things.)

Note that the requests follow the same rules as request streams.

Any and all file, including, but not limited to, images, videos, PSDs, and PDFs are for personal use. Not for resale, distribution, modification, or any sort of commercial or public use.
©Nekomata 2017

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