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Not everyone has money to spend on things...
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  • A warm fuzzy feeling for helping us out.
  • You get added to the credits screen! (for bragging rights)
  • Donator-Only 3d glasses (In-game clothing item)
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Oh hey! you know you're awesome right?
5$ on its own might not seem much, but it can buy us food!

  • Special rank on the forums.
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  • High-quality downloads (.jpg, .mp3)
    (for wallpapers/other art that's applicable)
  • Process/behind-the-scenes
  • Copy of the game
  • Silver [Patreon] Title in-game
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • Donator-Only T-shirt (In-game clothing item)
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  • Golden Plaque in the 107 Center (Shopping/social area)
  • Early Access
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  • Plus all previous rewards
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Welcome to the patreon page of the Phoenix Project.
Its been a long ride so far, and I thank everyone who joined us on our journey to develop this game.

That said, I won't sugarcoat things and will be honest.
Developing games is hard, especially when you're dealing with a project this big.

I can't promise you that the game will ever be fully finished, what I CAN promise however, is that we'll continue doing our best, pouring our heart and soul into the project as we continue working on it.

If you decide to support us, we promise we'll keep you updated on how exactly we ended up using it, so you are sure we'll never use it for anything weird.

I hope you'll continue to support us, and join us on this exciting journey of making an epic game.
-Nekrova Team,
$29 of $100 per month
$100 is our operation cost to keep the site, forums, and everything else up and running.
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