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About Nelson Monroy

Welcome to my Patreon Page for Guitarra Clave and Guitar for All!

Yes, I manage two channels on YouTube, the first one is for those peoples who like the classical tunes of video games, movies and anime; the second one is for those who are just starting to play guitar and want to learn their favorite songs of today in a quick and easy way.

Don't panic

The TABs, Chords and Strumming patterns are posted below, they are free. You only need to scroll down and find it. By the way, thanks for watching the video.

A little presentation

Hi, my name is Nelson Monroy, I'm currently offering online guitar lessons (Skype) and in person in Medellín City, I've always been a video game, animation and guitar lover, as long as I remenber. I speak Spanish and English fluently.

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It allows me to purchase better equipment to continually improve the audio and video quality.
Don't forget, even a dollar helps a lot.


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You can vote with the others patreon members which will be the song of the next video.
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Guitar Lessons (Skype).
And more!...

Thank you for your support!

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When I reach $100 per month, I’ll buy a good interface to improve the audio of my videos.
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