is creating A Shadowrun Information Network
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You get a mountain of thanks, and a backroom prayer to Ghost offered in your favor... and access to the Neo-A Discord server.
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At this level, you'll get access to Opti's contact files by matrix mail (email). Use these contacts in your home game! Tell your GM Opti said it was ok... But if she doesn't allow it, try to bribe her with Neo-Anarchist swag. (I'll foot the bill) ... and access to the Neo-A Discord server. 
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At this level, you'll get access to Opti's contact files by mail, as well as a sweet Shadowrun/Neo-A related sticker in each package! And access to the Neo-A Discord server!
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About Opti

Chummers, here is what is going down. I aim to create the biggest 6th world Neo-Anarchist cell this ball of dirt has ever seen. We'll have to be smart, informed, committed, and subversive. Most of all, we'll need to keep to the shadows. How will you know each other? Code, chummers. You see someone rocking a Neo-Anarchist shirt, YOU know that THEY know. You see someone with a Raven patch? A certain credstick? A Big-D plushie? This is where we make the code. We decide what we want the tips to be. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get more info, and more consistently. Its up to you...
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If we reach this level, I'll upgrade my gear and set up a once-per-month, in-character chat. Anyone will be welcome. Dress the part, I know I will be. I'll bring the scotch, my databases, my Bowler hat magic focus, and maybe an in-character friend or two...
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