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Name your price. I don't like to discriminate based on who can offer what, so anything you can afford to give is good by me.

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About NeoCranium

If you've been to my channel, you know how it is. If you're new here, then here's the recap. I'm a boy who talks over everything, most of the time with friends, and tries to be funny in any way possible. I edit clips, animate segments, and sometimes get serious for the sake of pacing my sarcasm. I also swear a lot and don't censor anything, so if there's nudity in any medium I'm covering, there's a good chance it will appear in the video.

For anyone interested in supporting, that would be highly appreciated. Just like everyone else here, we've got money problems and content to put out. Everything helps pay off bills / debt / loans / mafia. The bigger the budget I have, the more inclined I'll be to put out frequent videos.

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A HAL based stream!
To celebrate this goal being reached, I will purchase a full body costume and perform as HAL (my known version of it) for an entire stream. All Patrons will be thanked on stream and a poll for stream topic will be made prior so that the stream consists of viewer demanded content.
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