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About NeoTV

Welcome to the World of NeoTV: a "real" community in Uptown, Minneapolis called
NeoEden: Intention Center.

This "Garden of Men" is Cultivating Unity Consciousness from the Ground-Up.

Our channel features a number of "characters" (real life people) who are moving and shaking in the NeoEden Network. Here you can view behind-the scenes of community, business, and spiritual development. Here you can also find ways to plug-in to the network yourself. 

Imagine a future where... entire city block of homes in Uptown, Minneapolis all choose to live off-grid and sustain their livelihoods through the free giving and receiving of goods and services.

...creatives sustain themselves in a nomadic lifestyle through an exchange network of hospitality across the midwest.

...artists and farmers choose to band together revolutionizing the way goods are distributed through an agreement of direct collaboration.

...alternative healers and eastern medicine experts join with the nurses of our city to provide affordable, naturally-sourced health care to all.

...people speak authentically and use introspection, intuition, and intentional communication to tackle problems from a solution-oriented mindset.

...nature and technology work together providing abundance for all. owners can be as expressive and Wyrd as their hearts desire. 


We are an artist and business collective dedicated to restoring the human-land relationship. We operate under the GIFT economy (Get It F*ing Together) and we are not holding ourselves back from abundance and greatness. Everything begins with listening to our bodies, our rain, our crops, and our solar system. We are operating our projects on the lunar cycle to align with the greater universe while staying rooted in our physical rituals and communities.

This goddess-designed alternative reality is available to you now.

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Soak up all the edutainment and get physically involved in what we are creating by checking out our events on the
NeoEden: Intention Center 
Facebook page.

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When we reach 222 patrons, we will begin hosting Full Moon parties where our patrons can attend and connect with the artists and businesses in the NeoEden network. 
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