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You'll get all the lower level benefits too. 

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TL;DR:  Sexy, kinky real-life versions of all your favourite Warhammer characters! ;)

NSFW. By joining this Patreon you confirm that you are over 18 years old.


Welcome to Sexy Warhammer Club!

I'm Frankie a.k.a. Nerd Princess, a massive Warhammer nerd and also a total heretic. If you're here then I'm guessing that you like Warhammer too! :)

Have you ever wondered what a Sister of Battle wears under her armour? What an Eldar Harlequin can do with her amazing flexbility? What a wood elf mage gets up to when there are no Beastmen to fight off? Well, me too! And now I can show you the photos! ;)

Every month I create a new set of sexy, Warhammer themed photos! :D

These include 2 levels: Lingerie (Ordo Malleus level) and Implied Nudes / Kink (Heretic level).

Sometimes new costumes have "normal" (safe for work) cosplay photos too that you'll get if you're Adeptus Astartes or above :)

Patreon only allow SFW photos with public access, so if you want to see examples for the NSFW photo levels then pop over to my Instagram (@nerd__princess) for teasers! ^_^

Next up we have....

October 2020 - Video time! :D Catachan jungle fighter gives the Dommissar a lapdance!

If you're interested in photos from previous months, there's information at the bottom of this profile including a list of all the characters and kinks we've had so far :)

I really really appreciate your support, whatever level you choose to join. It means the world to me that you care about my crazy idea and that you want to make it real too!

Looking forward to filling the world with sexy warhammer with you! :D

Frankie / Nerd Princess Xxx
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Patreon will charge you on sign-up for the current month, and then on the 1st of the month for each subsequent month. So if for example you sign up on the 31st for the current month, you'll be charged the next day for the next month - it's not a double charge, it's for 2 months! If you only want to join for one month, just join then unsubscribe any time before the 1st of the next month :)


To keep things fair for everyone, each month you subscribe you will get the photos for that month only. If you want back catalogue photos, you can access them at

September 2020 - Catachan jungle fighter gives the Dommissar a lapdance! - photos

August 2020 - Sexy submissive Sister of Battle video

July 2020 - Submissive Sister of Battle in bondage cuffs...

June 2020 - Commissar & Catachan bath-time video!

May 2020 - Sisters of Battle duo with Tabitha Lyons!

April 2020 - Commissar & Catachan in the bath together!

March 2020 - Our first sexy warhammer video!!!! :D

February 2020 - Sexy Sister of Battle Valentines in a bed of rose petals!

January 2020 - Death Cult Assassins are back for more fun! ;)

December 2019 - Duo Escher gangers have a sexy Christmas!

November 2019 - Duo Death Cult Assassins!

October 2019 - Halloween celebrations with Lady Olynder, the Veiled Lady!

September 2019 - Sexy Sister of Battle wearing a corset... and not much else! ;)

August 2019 - Tech Priestess boudoir.... with a toaster!

July 2019 - Commissar Dominatrix returns!

June 2019
- Catachan Jungle Fighter - working up a sweat in the gym!

May 2019 - Wood Elf Spellsinger - outdoor nudes!

April 2019 - Commissar Dominatrix dominating a sexy Catachan!

March 2019 - Eldar Harlequin doing pole dance and flexibility!

February 2019 - Bondage Saint Celestine in bed!

January 2019 - Sexy Tech Priestess!

December 2018 - Commissar striptease & Christmas bonuses!

November 2018 - Lelith Hesperax, the dark eldar wytch!

October 2018 - Khorne Daemon and Halloween celebrations!

September 2018 - Sister Repentia shibari/rope bondage!

August 2018 - Escher Ganger from Necromunda!

July 2018  - Catachan Jungle Fighter - striptease in the trees!

June 2018 - Slaaneshii Daemonette - bondage styling and sex slaves!

May 2018 - Sister of Battle - now with sexy boots!

April 2018 - Imperial Commissar - For the Emperor!

March 2018 - Khorne Daemon - whips, blood, fire sword & flame cannon!

February 2018 - Eldar Harlequin - acrobatics and flexibility!

January 2018 - Saint Celestine - with 7 foot wingspan angel wings!

December 2017 - Sister of Battle - the nun with a gun!

27% complete
What's the next step from making sexy warhammer photos? Sexy warhammer videos! :D  It will be so awesome to be able to create a mix of badass cosplay and sexy pin-up videos. Strip tease Sister of Battle, gymnastics and flexibility Eldar Harlequin, there's so many amazing things we could do!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 494 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 494 exclusive posts

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