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Welcome to Nerdolopedia!

We are a group of nerds that host a nerdy community and produce nerdy content. Our goal is to supply a center for discovering nerdy content, whether that be our content or one of our partners and friends. It is our mission to create a comfortable environment for sharing this type of content.

What we Produce

A lot. At least for how small we are. Here is a list of all of our existing content:

  • Tales from the Tavern - Our tabletop gaming live stream. Join us as we drink and enjoy RPG’s and board games.
  • NerdoloPlays - A gaming stream where we all sit on the couch and play games, sometimes coop, but it’s always a fun time.
  • Articles - We have a few writers who talk about their favorite topics. Our two big ones are about tabletop games and horror content.
  • NerdoloPaints - sit down and enjoy a quiet stream of miniature painting

What Patreon Covers

Overall it helps with operational costs. This includes purchasing new equipment, covering the costs of giveaways, subscription fees, and various other operational costs. By supporting this patreon you also give us leeway to work on additional projects, covering start up costs and funding experimental content.


First we are going to put your name on our website for as long as you are a patron. We believe that every patron deserves some recognition. You will also gain access to our Patreon only feed.

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This would cover the costs of a new game each month for NerdoloPlays. We would open a monthly poll for our patrons to decide which game we buy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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