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Aside from having all access to all my social media accounts, you'll receive private videos pertaining to updates, ideas, behind the scenes and etc, which can only be found here on Patreon as a Sane Supporter of Nsanity. Only focusing on $1 rewards allows me cater to everyone on a macro level instead of individually micromanaging every individual's rewards.




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Sit back, grab some popcorn, and help me create a legacy within this world of dance.

Nestor Nsanity is a dancer that likes to wander around. He strives to become a better dancer, teacher, choreographer and human each passing day as he explores the wonders of this world. May these videos bring you value by showing you his journey, the climb, the struggle, the hustle, and patience to get whatever it is you put your focus on. There will be no such thing as "luck" or even being "an overnight success" as these videos will present his grind day in and day out. He only hopes you would #createyourself for yourself, #createhappiness within yourself, then choose spill that back out into the world. As this is, the #SaneLifeofNsanity

I've been dancing since 2009, a slow process, yet it's a process indeed. The video below is an example of the training I get from taking other people's classes. Currently, I'm not able to post these videos on a consistent basis. Sometimes I'm able to post three times in one week, other times once a week and unfortunately some weeks I'm just not able to post at all. Due to the fact I use both my time and energy to create sustainability just to be able to train and take these classes, put these video up and have the bare minimum left for this thing called - life. However, with your help and many others, I'd be finally able to consistently push out these videos without having to worry how I'm going make the last few bucks stretch till my next paycheck.

As we get further as a community and deeper as a fam, I'd be able to bring back the concept videos that I've put a lot of effort into. If you take notice of when the concept videos are published apart from each other, you'll see that once again there isn't a consistent flow of work. Asking starving artists for their creative skill set while being a starving artist myself just means that it's more out of pocket money for me. This will help fund their cinematic skills, any other dancers, locations, my creative mental juices and etc. Further more as we get through the list of goals it will only get better and I'd be able to give back to the community who have provided so much for me.

My Launch Goals:
$5000 - 3 videos a week. MWF
$10000 - 5 videos a week. M - F
$20000 - Bringing back "the pretty thiNgs" playlist!
$30000 - Scale content with Gary Vaynerchuck!

Concept video from the "the pretty thiNgs" playlist

This is only one way to helpCommenting on the videos on YouTube and elsewhere, telling others about the videos, just watching and sharing are other ways if you can't afford to pledge. But if you can, I hope you'll consider backing me here. Thanks for helping me create great videos, give great value and create a legacy.

Find Nestor here:

Email: [email protected]
Snapchat: nestornsanity

The goals may be updated, changed, added or removed in the future. Any and all switch ups will be updated with the private Patreon videos. Changes will happen due to the ever evolving nature of our culture and the speedy shifts of technology. We are just adapting. Thank you for your continued support, as you should continue to strive to create yourself, create happiness and then spill that back out into the world. As this is the Sane Life of Nsanity.
$0 of $5,000 per month
3 videos a week. MWF

This is how much it will take the get the videos to start flowing. From one video a week every Wednesday, I can take the time and energy to create and post three videos a week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Let's get this wave started!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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