Courtney Lane is creating Hairwork Education

Blooper Reels!

$1 /mo
That's right!  At only 1 doll hair a month, you get to see my outtakes and mishaps from filming as well as gain access to my private Patreon feed where I will keep everyone updated on projects and ...

Extra Content!

$5 /mo
At this tier, you will be able to view more informal and personal videos and blogs made only for my Patrons!

Plus:  At 25 Patrons, we will begin Patron only Q&A videos and video ...


Handwritten Thank You!

$10 /mo
I will wield my finest quill, select a card, and quip a personalized note of thanks just for you. May or may not include a lock of my hair. 

(It will definitely include a lock of my ...


Learn The Art!

$30 /mo
This is it!  This is where you can learn the art of hairwork. Monthly, I will put out a video teaching a new technique and sharing my personal tips, tricks, and variations.   





Mourning Person

$70 /mo
At this tier, you will receive a Hairwork Starter Kit and all of my Mourning Person merchandise. Kit includes human hair, horse hair, knitting needles, wire, thread, and embroidery scissors. Mourni...

All The Things!

$100 /mo
You are incredibly generous and deserve all the things!  After 3 months of patronage at this level, you will receive a work of my art made from Victorian era human hair.


Your name will ...