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Open Q&A Membership
Limited (193 remaining)
per month

This tier includes a weekly 90-minute group Q&A with Brad Johnson and Adronis. The class happens every Sunday at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm in the UK. All group meetings are video recorded and are available to the tier members.

Tier members also get access to certain online courses and video content on the Patreon website.

Spirit Ambassador Classroom
Limited (143 remaining)
per month

The Spirit Ambassador Classroom tier offers two classes weekly (Monday & Friday) for 2 hours starting at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern/8pm in the UK.

The Spirit Ambassador Classroom includes a vast curriculum that instructs its students how to develop a deeply empowered, intuitive and expansive life as we build ourselves from the ground up understanding profound spiritual insight to completely refine the body, mind, heart and soul. From personal growth, spiritual development, intuitive and psychic enhancement, spirit communication, dowsing, physical body/energy body balancing, manifestation training, trauma resolution, nature communication & healing, lucid dreaming, astral projection, conscious relationship balancing, conscious career balancing, universal knowledge, abundance tools and much more!

The Spirit Ambassador classroom maintains a strong attendance procedure and all students looking to participate are encouraged to attend classes as often as possible. Students are required to share their attendance schedule with Brad Johnson to avoid any dismissal from the classroom.

Classrooms are recorded and are avaialble for review purposes for all Spirit Ambassador students. Students also have FULL access to the Open Q&A group meetings and recordings held every Sunday at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm in the UK!

About New Earth Teachings

New Earth Teachings on Patreon includes the Spirit Ambassador Classrooms that are available through Zoom meetings every Monday and Friday starting at 12pm Pacific/3pm Easter/8pm in the UK. The Spirit Ambassador Classrooms involve full-circle teachings and knowledge that help you in completely restructuring your way of life in every facet possible as you work on developing your connection with spirit and implementing profound inner concepts to reshape and purify your life.

Members will also receive exclusive content from online courses, videos, online books and documents to help with your inner development and much more! Our first Spriit Ambassador Classroom begins November 1st, so feel free to sign up and enjoy the materials available on our Patreon in the meantime.

Members interested in having a weekly open Q&A with myself and Adronis/RaYaR + distant healing requests can sign up for our Open Q&A Membership tier for only $25 per month. This includes viewing video recordings of each weekly meeting + access to certain online courses & video content. Open Q&A Group meetings are held every Sunday at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm in the UK. Spirit Ambassador Students have FULL access to these meetings and its video recordings through their membership!

Thank you and I look forward to working with you through the Spirit Ambassador classrooms & Open Q&A meetings here on Patreon!

Brad Johnson
[email protected]

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