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About New Horizons

Welcome to New Horizons


Hello, my name is Rafal Zatwarnicki and I am a freelance cartographer and illustrator who occasionally draws maps for novelists, game designers, private clients and myself ;).

Why Patreon?

I would like to dedicate more time for map-creation passion, and deliver various maps of whole worlds, regions, towns, dungeons and encounter maps not only for rpg gamers, but other map enthusiasts like me too. To do so, I have to spend more time and as you know time is money. I hope I can reconcile my regular job with Patreon and that is the biggest challenge I will be facing here... of course right after providing content that will please my patrons.


I will start with small steps and create up to 2 maps per month. That number may increase or decrease depending on the time I will have each month. I don't want my patrons to pay for less content from time to time, so I decided to set the per-creation campaign for now. That means you will pay only if I release a new paid content. If it happens that I will post too many paid posts per month, you can set a monthly max by editing your pledge. On the other hand, if I don't upload any content you won't be charged anything. I may switch to monthly campaign in the future, when I know I can release content in a steady pace.

In addition to that, there will be no tiers here at all. I feel that limiting content for some supporters just because they pay less is not cool. I want people to pay what they want and feel like it is worth.
That being said, it is up to you whether you pledge $1 or more for a map. All patrons will have access to whole content.


My maps are usually fantasy oriented. From simple black & white to full colour. I have developed my unique style, but also constantly experiment with new ones. I usually focus on regional, world maps and draw what comes to my mind. If I get any feedback from you to do more dungeon or battlemaps (I know there is a big RPG, pen & paper community) I may switch to do that.
I expect to upload 1 to 2 maps per month for the time being. It will depend on factors like size, colour or B&W, complexity of the maps. Usually I try to do a quality map, which is time consuming, but from time to time I also like to do something in a simpler style. If my Patreon page grows in the future, I will consider which direction I should go along with my supporters.


You are free to use my maps for any personal, non-commercial purposes. You can even share them with others, but I kindly request that you credit me when doing so.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy my Patreon page and maps I do, the same way as I enjoy drawing them. Thank you so much for visiting and even more, if you decide to become my patron!
Lastly I encourage you to visit my homepage New Horizons, where you can check some of my maps (this is what you can expect to see here) I did before starting Patreon and download all non-commissioned maps for free!

$45.74 of $50 per creation
Something to start with. This will ensure me that there is a chance of bright future for me on Patreon and it is a good idea to think about dedicating more time to it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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