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Maybe you can't pledge more, but by the gods, you are THERE, interested on the projects and wanting to see more. Without you, there isn't any hope for our projects to go past the planning stage.

. If you pledge for more than 2 months, you'll get the Basic Goodie Pack!
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Instigators are the people who keep me going. By going above the bare minimum, you show me you value what I do, and that you want to see the projects grow.

So thanks guys, you rock!

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When you thought a game like ours didn't exist, and you were just pondering the futility of it all, we surprised you. You love what we do and can't wait to see the finished deal!

Thanks to your support and sage advice, we can deliver ;-)

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About Newman


Hello. My name’s Newman. Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!
I’ve been drawing, writing, inking, game designing and painting my whole life, but it's working on video games I love the most. We are in what is probably the most creative era the medium has ever been in!

What I don't like as much is how most AAA-type studios are MADE to work. They do amazing things, and I would be lying if I said I only play indies and don't touch games by big studios, (I play the shit out of them!) but dealing with big budgets can make taking risks almost impossible, and having people on top who don't know shit about the process, making important design decisions only based on client retention and monetization... it's just not the world I fell in love with.


Then, came Patreon. A way of making the kind of games I always wanted to make, with a like-minded team, and no intermediaries between us and the people that just can't wait to play our stuff?? Fuck yeah. I'm in.

That's how I started working with Akanoes, - who turned out to be an excellent and hard-working coder, and a great guy to work with as well.


- News and updates about any project I'm involved in
- Q&A about the things you want to see in my games
- Monthly Goodie Packs with concept art, sketches, final art, PSD's, inside info and game documents... even test builds of the games themselves! All new patrons get access to ALL of the previously released content.
- Seasonal greetings with tits and dicks on them
- Whatever you guys want me to do without delaying the game releases. Tutorial videos, live chats... ask away, you are paying, after all!

The idea is for all my games to be free, so don't worry if you don't have a spare buck, you'll still be able to play them if I can pay my rent, eat and work every month. Show your appreciation by sending me fan art, game recommendations, or just a kind word. Indie game devs need that stuff to help us keep going. And hey, please feel free to edit your pledge back and forth or even cancel it entirely if that is what you must do. I get it, life is a demanding mistress :-)



- I make games
- If you like the projects I have and you want to play them, you can help make them happen!
- Monthly Goodie Packs with lots of stuff in them!
- You will be saving me from a life of making meaningless 2d art for advertising or underpaid mobile games work. Thanks to you guys, I can focus on making my own games!
- The games will be completely free upon release

Sorry for the long introduction. I get excited :) Thank you all for your support, I'm going back to work!!


Here's a MEGA link to all our latest builds:
And here's a link to our DISCORD, for all of you who want to take a peek under our games' skirts
$1,794.20 of $2,500 per month

This amount will mean I can pay Akanoes what he deserves and still pay the bills without pointless freelance jobs.
We can even hire a decent part-time animator, and use the extra time to try new ideas or just make faster releases! Everybody wins!
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