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For patrons who contribute $10/month or more, I have an offer that you might like. NewsScope is actually written on the Friday and Saturday before it’s posted on Monday mornings. The first draft is emailed to a proofreader in Canada, who invariably finds tiny errors in syntax or grammar (Yes, she’s a nitpicky Virgo). If you request it, then you may receive NewsScope on Saturday in its first draft form, a full two days before everyone else reads it. Also, any suggestion you have for a story will be at the top of the list for subjects to write about.

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Those who contribute $20/month or more will be included on the early recipient list, upon request. At this level, I'm also offering one of three Astro-Reports per year. These include 1) a 40-page Asteroid Goddess report, 2), a Professional Natal Report, also 40-pages, or 3) a Dynamic Interpretation report describing your major transits and progressions over the coming year. To get a report, email me, Michael O’Reilly, at [email protected]. I’ll need your name (first and last), birth data (date, time and place), and which of the three reports you’re interested in.
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My 2005 book titled "Political Astrology" is out of print and considered a classic in some circles. Used copies are available at Amazon for $95 and up (see https://www.amazon.com/Political-Astrology-Michael-OReilly/dp/1595940243). 

      However, I still have a few left, and for those who contribute $35 or more, I'll send you a signed copy of this book in mint condition. This offer good while supplies last.




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Thank-you for visiting my patreon page. If you enjoy reading NewsScope, find it insightful, informative, and educational, consider supporting it by becoming a patron. Think of it a voluntary subscription, one that acknowledges astrology’s deeper value than Sun sign fluff.

I’m Michael O’Reilly, and have been writing the NewsScope column under the name Michael Wolfstar since 1997. I could use your support to ensure that NewsScope continues to be published. NewsScope is the longest running weekly (non-Sun Sign) astrology column on the internet.

To help finance NewsScope and its home, NeptuneCafe, I have posted google ads, and that has helped keep this educational, insightful, and enjoyable site up and running. But mostly, writing NewsScope and updating NeptuneCafe every week is an unpaid labor of love. I support myself through other means, and make the time to write three astrological blurbs each week. Readers continue to tell me how much they appreciate all that I do, and that keeps me going.

Helping NewsScope become self-sustaining is supporting the kind of astrology that metaphysically describes our interconnected universe, rather than the pervasive Sun sign, ego-massaging fluff that passes for astrology. I would like to keep the material here available for free to the general public, but that means relying on generous supporters like you.

One option would be to send out NewsScope on a paid subscription basis only, which (I'm advised) would be the best way to continue writing this weekly blog. But there may be another and perhaps even better option. What would help me focus on my craft is having patrons who support NewsScope because they know that this is authentic astrology, the kind that can improve the astrological community's standing in mainstream society.

Readers have suggested that Patreon is a better way to support the site than by sending it out to subscribers only. So I’m trying it! The way Patreon works is a reader can donate whatever they want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. So anything, from $5/month up, is hugely helpful to the cause. Consider it a voluntary subscription if you like, one that acknowledges astrology’s deeper value than the Sun sign entertainment blogs that saturate the web.

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Any amount you’d like to contribute will be appreciated, with a suggested range of $1/month to $100/month. Once NewsScope and its website, NeptuneCafe, are fully supported by patrons, some significant changes can be made. These include taking down all the ads, having more contributors, and re-designing the Menu and other pages that badly need updating. I will let go of my other work that pays my bills, but distracts me from this web project.

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