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About NextGen Stars ®

This 2 hour feature goes by FAST, and shows bits of most of my shows which are done or in progress. This took over 20 years to make with incredible talents! They are described in detail below and I also give their web addresses too!  Enjoy! 

NextGen Stars® is about the MENTOR who nurtures, develops and maybe even “launches” the Next Generation of Stars. The MENTOR may be a University Professor, a School Teacher or a Professional who runs an industry or entertainment company, who either directly or indirectly assists new talents in their fields. Season one of 30+ shows, is based on the musical entertainment industry, but as the show progresses, it may be about virtually any industry. Professor David Musial invented the idea for this show about 20 years ago and in 2011 received the official REGISTERED United States Trademark for the title “NextGen Stars® The concept is designed to be a regular weekly time-slot as a traditional TV Documentary, or on a pay-per-view streaming service where it could be in the 30 Min, One Hour, Two Hour or 13-Ten Minute Webisode formats.

NextGen Stars is about the MENTOR who nurtures, develops and maybe even “launches” the Next Generation of Stars. The MENTOR may be a University Professor, a School Teacher or a Professional who runs an industrial or entertainment company. The Mentor directly or indirectly assists new talents in their fields. This is about HOW a talent is nurtured to develop his or her potential. You see the before, during, and after results. Since we all are part teacher and part student, this should resonate widely.

The TITLE “NextGen Stars®” is similar to the name of a “NETWORK”, in that because there are a multitude of categories. They could each be a CHANNEL, and individuals could have a SHOW, or a SERIES of SHOWS or EPISODES on the CHANNEL. For Example: The "Bubble Queen" would be on the MUSIC Channel with it's own PROGRAM called the "BUBBLE QUEEN SHOW" which would have on-going episodes. "King Fish Man" would be on the SPORTS CHANNEL with it's own PROGRAM called the "KING FISH MAN" Show which would have on-going episodes.

Season one of NextGen Stars® is based on the entertainment industry, but as the show progresses, it may be about virtually any industry. New seasons will have shows with new Mentors who can work in any discipline: Auto Mechanic, Underwater Welder, Plumber, Electrician, Nurse, because the people they mentor become the “Stars” of the Next Generation.

Professor David Musial developed the idea for this NETWORK/Show and, in furtherance thereof, has registered the name NextGen Stars®. The concept is designed to be a regular weekly time slot as a traditional TV Documentary. It can be in one hour, two hour, or 13 ten-minute webisode formats. Each topic or show will be at least 2 hours in running time and most could grow into a traditional 13-Episode series. It will be produced in a variety of segment styles. These segments can then be grouped and edited into 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute shows. Each show will have at least 13-Ten Minute Episodes if it is for Web distribution, and it will be at least an Hour Episode for an on-going Series under the name NextGen Stars®. There are currently 38 topics and the list is growing. Prof. Musial will be the “Mentor” in season one of NextGen Stars®. He has a vast collection of source footage already “on the shelf” and ready to be made into documentaries.


THE PILOT NextGen Star® Visionaries by Prof. David Musial ”
This is a Two-Hour documentary (120 min TRT) where Professor David Musial gives an overview of the topics, which may all evolve into a solo one-hour documentary, or into it’s own series of 10 to 30 minute shows.

1 The Mad Screen Box video game
    (This could launch 10 solo shows or more!)

2 Smart Trax® Musical Art launches Stars from Schools!
3 Skate Dance- Roller Rinks to NYC, Disney and Beyond!
4 MusicTech Kids® Story
5 MusicTech Teens Story
6 Jump4Jerry
7 BRADY® LIVE - Brady Cudmore
8 Timmy Cudmore-The KING FISH MAN™ “In The Wild”
10 The WACKY CHEF™ -Jim Rebholz
11 The MACIEJical MUSIC TEK Wonder Boy - Maciej

12 PROUD TO BE- The Rosados story

15 QmusiQ - Biddy Valdez
17 Polish Opera- Kasia Drucker
18 THE ROYAL SNOW QUEEN Theatrical Visionary- Miss Bernadine

20 TOMORROW’s TODDLER TUNES TODAY: A Musical Theater World
22 I’M NOT BLACK- Danilo

27 LET’S RAP ABOUT Doing Heroin?- Anthony
    Polish MusicTech Kids® and more.
29 BUFFALO to BOLLY/Hollywood SCORES!-Wayne
     From Brooklyn to Carnegie Hall... 
     Broadway to Madison Square Garden
31 A TRUE REBAISSANCE MAN! - Robert Hecker
     Nuns and more mentor poverty stricken mothers
     Lighting Up A Billion Homes in India TS Mamik
35 MUSIC IS MATH, Flamenco Guitar to Wall Street - Vidak

36 KAYO- Smart Trax to Roast & Review
     HOLLYWOOD FILM DIRECTOR- Asley  where many of the projects are created and edited!


Prof. David Musial has developed the concept on his private time, from his personal experience over the past 25 years since he taught his first course at New York University. He has taught Media Arts to over 1,000 college students over the past 20 years. His college Music Technology curriculum won second place in America in 2012 at the “Best Colleges” rating system for “Most Innovative”. Musial began official production for the series in the late Spring of 2012. He has a vast base of talent to call upon to assist with the concept from Producers, Writers, Artists, Hosts, and Voice-Overs to Technical Staff.

The Crowd Funding Campaign for the MASTER "NextGen Stars®" Show concept will enable us to create a 2-Hour Pilot and additional programs. It will help to pay qualified college interns and other staff members. We hope to license our shows to TV distributors like “NetFlix, Amazon, PBS, etc.) Many of the shows are already in progress, some only need editing, but this takes a great deal of time. In addition the overall "theme" needs to now be "polished": 3D Logo Designs, "Supers" or “Lower Thirds” on-screen text designs, Theme Music and instrumentals need to be enhanced, social net and website enhancements and a portion of the campaign will be for advertising of the series, if it goes to social net first, like YouTube. Individual campaigns may be launched to produce more programming for select shows, which will grow the overall audience. Maybe someday we'll have a regular time-slot on a traditional network like PBS or maybe we will even have our own Network with channels dedicated to industries, and individuals get their or feature or program. Hey, dreaming's free and through a variety of grants and artistic sponsorships, Professor Musial has been able to help all of these amazing Mentors who are the current NextGen Stars!

About Professor Musial…
Award winning, Gold & Platinum status Professor David Musial grew up watching cartoons every Saturday, and dreamed of making Music for Cartoons someday with synthesizers... (the equivalence of the animated colors the visuals project in cartoons.) His earliest memories of Music was that from a little cream colored translucent toy church his Mom gave him at Christmas, which played the carol "Silent Night". He still has this Christmas decoration today. David played music in churches since he was just 10 year on age. He scored music for a project that was designed to be turned into a cartoon for PBS TV when he was 27.

Professor Musial studied Audio Engineering in the prestigious “Tonmeister program” at the State university of New York in Fredonia. He then studied the Psychology of Music at the world-renowned Juilliard School of Music, under full graduate academic sponsorship based on his PBS TV Score! Musial then was offered the first Graduate Teaching Fellowship at New York University which was designed to be his Doctoral material in Music Technology. Musial then produced an album with a composer from "Sesame Street™" for Warner Bros. Records and then scored music for the cartoon series called "The Toysters". David then met Loni Farhi, the owner of an international TV distribution company for cartoons, and not did David score music for his cartoons, Loni turned David into a Cartoon Character called "Rick" the Leader of the Baydogs! David met his Music Technology mentor Dr. Bob Moog on several occasions and eventually inspired the "Student Division of the Bob Moog Foundation".

David's animation dreams really did come true! "Dr. D" went on to score over a dozen cartoons and video games and most recently produced the cartoon character voices for the new "flag-ship" game "The MAD SCREEN BOX", the for the world's first 4K Ultra HD Video Game Portal! In the process, Musial worked on over 100 records, played thousands of live services, performed with a Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded albums for Broadway Shows, produced concerts for over 10,000 children at anti-drug rally’s, won Professor-Of-The-Year 4 Times at NYU, his Music Technology Curriculum #2 in the Nation as "Most Innovative". Musial won the 2014 Buffalo Music Hall-Of-Fame Award. along with the President of MTV, after he produced concerts in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, and his anti-violence song won an Emmy Award for the U.S. Department of Education for MTV. Musial has received letters from the White House (prior to 2016) for his creations. In 2018 earned the Registered United States Trademark for “MusicTech Kids®”, a program where he will now publish books, eBooks and cartoons for a curriculum he will soon franchise. The United States Department of Justice Presented David a Life-Time Achievement award for Promoting Positive Messages to the Youth of America and beyond. PHEW!

SHOW 1 The Mad Screen Box 
(This could launch 20 solo shows!) (25% Done)

This show is "like" a star studded reality talent show, in that the "search" portion is how the "mentor" (Prof. Musial in this series) discovered the singing talent. It is a "how-to" show because we see one of Prof. Musial's Music Producing student grads, craft a new song in an amazing studio. We then see the "Stage Designer" inspire a music video or stage show concept for the song. This promotes the artists and the producers. The show closes by showing how these singers made amazing character voices for the video game.

In 2014 & 2015 Musial was honored by Ali Murat Animation, to create the character voices for 17 of the 20 games on the new “Mad Screen Box” Interactive Animation portal, on the SPI International Television Distribution System. It is billed as the world’s first Ultra HD 4K Video Game! Musial casted ten of the best musical associates, who are also actors to create all the character voices. The first show concept will be about this venture, and it is a Talent Search turned into a Reality Show and then into a Virtual Reality Show, all-in-one! All of the talent are people Musial met gradually over time, and has produced as singers/actors with his One World Artists or Smart Trax Media companies. All of the Producers who make a song in the show with the talent, were one of Prof. Musial’s college students or apprentices, who he helped to teach how to become a producer. Some have earned #1 Records on the Billboard Charts.

Musial introduces the show from his unique SkyRoom Studio facility perched high above the NYC Harbor in a Penthouse Suite loaded with the best State-Of-The-Art Music & Video Technology Toys, Tools! Next we see the Co-Hosts JOY & BRADY on a large sound stage set (which looks like a cross between “The Voice” and “The Mad Screen Box” animation set). This is the TALENT SEARCH portion and here they introduce the Talent and the Producer. They ask them “How did you meet Prof. Musial” (Musial will be the “MENTOR” in this series for obvious reasons, there will be more MENTORS in future episodes.) They are then seen “making” a song in this studio. (The How It’s Done segment.) The REALITY SHOW portion follows: The hosts then ask what they do with the song after it is made and we see the stage director “Danilo” discuss the creation of a music video or a stage show. The next segment shows a music video or a live show video. The following segment is the VIRTUAL REALITY SHOW portion and talks about the making of the cartoon voice and we see a segment of the final animation featuring the voice of the Talent. Professor the closes the show by saying if you like the Music, The Producer and/or the Game visit NextGen All 20 of the talents and producers could launch their own show from this “mother” show. At least a 13 episode “Mad Screen Box” related series!

(This could launch many solo shows!) (50% Done)

"Thank you for your kind gift" First Lady Laura Bush 2008
White House

"Manny & Joy will "KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF"
Jean Hill, ABC TV
These two singers (Brady & Christina) came in and they were OUTSTANDING, they "ROCKED THE HOUSE!"
I look forward to seeing them at our next graduation.

Pat Higgins, United States Marshal's Service,
"GREAT" Graduation, Jersey City 6/5/09
Brady Cudmore is a "Teen Sensation"
Buffalo News, June 2009

"It was great having Smart Trax here"
It was not the "typical' show the D.E.A. has.
The energy and enthusiasm they brought for the
passion that they have for their performance,
GOT to the people!

Eric Akers, Head of the Demand Reduction Office
2010 National Convention for the Red Ribbon Rally
Drug Enforcement Administration,
United States Department of Justice by the

"You Rock My World!"
I hope you do become a star and achieve your dream!
6/5/09 Jersey City "G.R.E.A.T" show
(Brainychick email via YouTube)

"I have NEW FRIENDS in Smart Trax! AMAZING"
Col. Michael Kessler, National Executive Director, The Young Marines


Col. Joseph Bles, Inspector General, The Young Marines
"Thank you for your assistance and commitment to making the
2009 D.A.R.E. Spring Training Conference a HUGE SUCCESS!

received from the conference participants was
largely due to your dedication, knowledge and
We were fortunate to have you and your students

(BRADY & CHRISTINA) as performers at the conference and
look forward to continuing the effort to help children live

(BRADY & CHRISTINA) as performers at the conference and look forward to continuing the effort to help children live

Nicholas R. DeMauroChairman & CEOD.A.R.E INTERNATIONA

Smart Trax® is an award winning positive message media company, which has launched the careers of many young performers, under the direction of the uniquely gifted and philanthropically Prof. David Musial. This NextGen Stars show will focus on the MENTORSHIP experiences which this show has given to America for over 20 years. The video library is extensive which includes shows in all kinds of schools from 50 to 1,000 students, in Roller Rinks, in Sports Arena's, on Aircraft Carriers, in Disney in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon and more!

Smart Trax® was founded by Professor David Musial (with out realizing yet) in 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time. He was in a classroom at NYU teaching. He had just left some friends in the PATH subway station and they went to the WTC stop. They were underground when the bomb exploded. Fortunately, with minor injury, they survived. When David returned to his home and "SkyRoom Studios" that eve, the lights were all turned off for the Twin Towers. This seemed very weird, it was both strange and eerie. For years out of his bedroom window every night, he saw these powerful Towers aglow! David was inspired to write a poem about his feelings which evolved into a song. He titled it "EARTHQUAKE" because they made the Earth Quake when the bomb went off, they made the Twin Towers "shake" and they took MANY LIVES. It was recorded by teens and he was told to send it to the White House because the First Lady Hilary Clinton, was seeking musical works by young Americans that was related to anti-violence. Musial spoke with five agents in the White House and they all suggested that he sends a copy of the song. He did, and Prof. David Musial received a kind letter from President Clinton acknowledging the song. This led to the producing of the song "Spread Peace All Over The World". It was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary in the Grand Fireworks Ceremony. This was the "birth" of the awareness of Positive Message music and the seed which planted SMART TRAX!

In 1998 Prof. Musial was commissioned by the United States Department of Education, to create the theme song to a major anti-violence campaign for high school students in America. The project was guided by the National Center For Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE) and funded by the Recording Industry Association of America, (RIAA). It went platinum on day one! It was titled "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND, Stop The Violence". The campaign earned an Emmy Award & a Silver Cindy Award for MTV. In 2000 Musial was invited by the U.S. Dept. of Justice DEA in Buffalo, NY, to create the theme song for their Rally “with 16,000 middle school children in attendance. In 2004, it won first place for New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs contest and then was performed as theme song at their national convention NYC! Smart Trax performed for 10,000 teens at the "Smart-T-Jamboree “in 2000 and 12,000 teens in 2001 at the Garden State Art Center. In 2009 Smart Trax performed in the HALL OF HEROS in the PENTAGON. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice Presented Prof. Musial a very rare award for "Promoting Positive Messages Through Music" after he produced a show with 5 college age performers in the national headquarters of the D.E. A. for the 25th Anniversary of the "Red Ribbon Anti-Drug Rally". The mass of agents represented the Youth of America! In 2011 Professor Musial produced "PROJECT ELEVEN". He invited 11 high school and college aged musical acts to create original songs to say "Thank You" to Soldiers who either Lost or Risked their lives since 9/11/01. He launched it on 11/11/11 "Veterans Day" and produced a concert which was broadcast on nation SIRIUS XM Radio from the flight deck of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier in the NYC Harbor on Memorial Weekend 2012.

Professor Musial's Smart Trax Project was endorsed by the Jersey City Board of Education, The NY State Parent Teacher's Association and the leading academic publisher in the industry "SCHOLASTIC". Music Technology College Curriculum won Second Place in America for being "Most Innovative" by the Best Colleges Program.

Roller Rinks to NYC, Disney and Beyond! (50% Done)

Who would of thought? Roller Rinks have been proven to be a launching haven for young talents mentored by Professor David Musial under the name Skate Dance® Records! Musial has tens of hours of source footage in storage from the multitude of shows he's done since 1993. This TV Show will work with the current generation of rinks, and launch the Next Generation of Singers, based on the 25+year history Musial has generated as a Mentor for Pop/Dance Music.

Back in the mid-1970s Prof. Musial would go to a roller rink near the Buffalo Bills football stadium. He was a student at the Orchard Park High school and he went to the Orchard Park Roller Rink on Friday and Saturday nights. It was the cool place to hang out. They played the hottest music, video game arcades didn't exist yet, but skating was fun and there were no parents! The rink had a Country Western theme including a little "jail" in a corner for "time-out" if you got caught skating too fast. Well Dave it was put in jail a lot because he skated fast and he was caught by Jean the man who owned the roller rink: all good memories.

In 1993 David made a trip to Buffalo from New York City, to visit family for Thanksgiving. He had five nieces and nephew's between maybe age 6 and 13. He thought "what can uncle Dave do with them that would be fun" He suddenly remembered roller skating. Now the audiences at roller rinks changed in the 80's, and in-line skates were invented, and so were stand up digital video games and arcades. David took them to the Orchard Park Rink. It was crowded with middle school age kids but they were mostly at the video games! The rink floor was empty, but suddenly we heard the song "Ghostbusters". Poof! The rink was magically swamped with hundreds of kids, waiting to shout out the response to "Who Are You Going To Call?..."GHOSTBUSTERS!" David thought "wow, the power of music!" You can't touch it, you can't see it, but look at what it does. He then saw "Gene" the rink owner who was still there 15 years later, and David thanked him for the great memories. David then thought maybe someday he will write a song about his great memories at that rink and give it to him?

Well that opportunity happened & Dave returned at Christmas and gave the song on a CD to Gene. He played it and of course there was no response, because the kids didn't know it. Dave returned 2 months later for his father's birthday and passed the rink by, so he stopped in. Gene says, "hey Dave look at this, wow!" He played the song and it was a smash hit!!! David thought maybe he should bring the singer from New York City there, and sing the new rink theme song, to see what happens. He did, and the 16-year-old sang a couple of his "pop" songs. The kids went nuts over it! This gave the singer experience performing in front of kids about his own age. It allowed the producer to test songs, and it gave me Dave gave the idea to give birth to SKATE DANCE RECORDS. Professor David Musial now has two full albums of 26 songs published AND the concept for a cartoon series called SKATE DANCE. The third album is in-the-works starring "MACIEJ, the Little Polish Music Tech Wonder Boy!" The song skate dance went on to be performed all over America including big sports Arena stage is 16,000 and more. SKATE DANCE mentors young talent from Roller Rinks to Big Stages anywhere, and the future cartoon series has unlimited possibilities.

SHOW 4 MusicTech Kids® Story
We have lots of shows done or in progress and many music videos

We have lots of shows done or in progress and many music videos
This is not your “ordinary” kids group music lesson! Some of our students go on to sing and play pianos and pipe organs in cathedrals, audition to sing for over 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden, perform in street festivals and parades for hundreds of thousands! Oh, and they learn to play the piano too!


Our mission is to teach your child to play the piano (or synthesizer and/or organ keyboards), through a very unique-award winning custom approach. You child is obviously surrounded by technology, and why not utilize the tools you already own, to encourage fun, creative and productive "practice" schedules? Some of our students are already playing keyboards in churches and performing on public stages at the age of only 7! Your child probably is introduced to more music through "video games" since they were toddlers, then you heard on the radio growing up. We incorporate these elements and teach them how to write simple lyrics about the games they play and then how to apply note values & melodies (scales) to these, and voilà, they are making songs while not realizing that the "boring" scales and "rhythm" drills have turned into valuable tools, which they will use in their musical life forever. Visit the "Testimonials" to see our outcomes!

Your child learns the basic about singing and the styles of music, plus they get a unique introduction to the technology that is already in their hands (iPhones, iPads, etc) and maybe even make a music video in a fun way! Prof. Musial has received a multitude of comments, but the most unique is about his ability to exercise extreme PATIENCE. Let’s face it, the more brilliant a young mind is, the more the child attracts attention from the group. Music can help channel these energies and David has developed a very patient method, but powerful, to help the child direct this energy in creative arts. Look at the videos “Hooray for Holi Hai” or “We’re Lighting Up A Billion Homes” or “The Fidget Spin Dance” and “Newport Skates”
Many of the kids get involved in group music videos like: Newport Skates, The Fidget Spinner Dance, The Mermaid Dance, It’s My Castle and currently “What The Heck Is Dyngus Day???”

The group lessons start with the obvious basics… some scales & warm-ups. There also are some music appreciation listening sessions where he shows through Sound Synthesis on iPhones & iPads, what traditional instruments sound like. He also teaches the differences between the basic music classifications like Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Urban (the differences between Rap, RnB & HipHop), Dance/EDM, Ethnic, Classical, etc. They will sing some standard group songs and in each class, the kids help to write songs lyrics.

Eventually we create a group song and we head to the vocal booth in SkyRoom Recording Studio perched high on top in a unique Penthouse Suite, in the first condo in Newport THE EMERALD (formally the James Monroe), and we all experience your child participate maybe in their first professional recording studio session! (Bring cameras parents! LOL) We film the vocal session in Ultra HD 4K video and then soon after, a music video is made for all to enjoy. (If any proceeds are earned from YouTube, they are donated to the MusicTech Kids Scholarship program on Patreon.) Maybe they enter the private lesson program in Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Winds (Recorder, Flute Sax) or Trumpet?

SHOW 5 MusicTech Teens™ Story
We have lots of shows done or in progress and many music videos

This is not your “ordinary” teens group music lesson! Some of our students go on to sing and play pianos and pipe organs in cathedrals, audition to sing for over 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden, perform in street festivals and parades for hundreds of thousands! Oh, and they learn to play the piano too!


Our mission is to teach your teen to play the piano (or synthesizer and/or organ keyboards), through a very unique-award winning custom approach. Your teen is obviously surrounded by technology, and why not utilize the tools you already own, to encourage fun, creative and productive "practice" schedules? Some of our students are already playing keyboards in churches and performing on public stages at the age of only 7! Your teen probably is introduced to more music through "video games" since they were toddlers, then you heard on the radio growing up. We incorporate these elements and teach them how to write simple lyrics about the games they play and then how to apply note values & melodies (scales) to these, and voilà, they are making songs while not realizing that the "boring" scales and "rhythm" drills have turned into valuable tools, which they will use in their musical life forever. Visit the "Testimonials" to see our outcomes!

Your teen learns the basic about singing and the styles of music, plus they get a unique introduction to the technology that is already in their hands (iPhones, iPads, etc) and maybe even make a music video in a fun way! Prof. Musial has received a multitude of comments, but the most unique is about his ability to exercise extreme PATIENCE. Let’s face it, the more brilliant a young mind is, the more the teen attracts attention from the group. Music can help channel these energies and David has developed a very patient method, but powerful, to help the teen direct this energy in creative arts.

Look at the videos ‘We Are, Drug, Free!”, “Take A Stand”, We’re Lighting Up A Billion Homes”, “He Took A Gun”, “Reality Check” & “Proud To Be!” to name a few!

The group lessons start with the obvious basics… some scales & warm-ups. There also are some music appreciation listening sessions where he shows through Sound Synthesis on iPhones & iPads, what traditional instruments sound like. He also teaches the differences between the basic music classifications like Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Urban (the differences between Rap, RnB & HipHop), Dance/EDM, Ethnic, Classical, etc. They will sing some standard group songs and in each class, the kids help to write songs lyrics.

Eventually we create a group song and we head to the vocal booth in SkyRoom Recording Studio perched high on top in a unique Penthouse Suite, in the first condo in Newport THE EMERALD (formally the James Monroe), and we all experience your teen participate maybe in their first professional recording studio session! (Bring cameras parents! LOL) We film the vocal session in Ultra HD 4K video and then soon after, a music video is made for all to enjoy. (If any proceeds are earned from YouTube, they are donated to the MusicTech Kids Scholarship program on Patreon.) Maybe they enter the private lesson program in Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Winds (Recorder, Flute Sax) or Trumpet?

SHOW 6 – Jump4Jerry™ (25% complete)

Jump4Jerry Is a dynamic organization which teaches children about the soon to be Olympic sport known as “Double Dutch” jump roping. They also teach other skills to the children, and assist them with tutoring for schooling achievement as well!

The founder Mrs. Kimberly Prince, named this championship team, in memory of her son Jeremiah Grant, who unfortunately was killed by a car shortly after he became a global champion, and appeared on the “Jimmy Fallon tonight show“ for national TV in 2017.

Professor David Musial composed the first song about this unusual event as a tribute to the boy, who we did not know, after reading a cover story in the Jersey City newspaper. He assumed that maybe one of his dynamic students would want to sing it as a tribute to possibly a friend who they lost. Six months later the amazing dynamic duo twins “the Rosado’s” decided to make a recording of it. The next day Professor Musial met the mother at a local office supply center store, and he was inspired to create a brand new song titled after the new group she made in memory of her son. In summary she joined in the writing process with a team of MusicTech Kids & MusicTech Teens along with a graduate superstar-on-the-rise named BRADY®, and Musial‘s college assistance named Danny and Quadre… and the rest is history!

The entire process was filmed in ultra HD 4K video and is ready now to become an incredible documentary. We also have formed a record label which will be make it instrumental music for this soon to be Olympic sport, so there will be many stories coming out about this unique circumstance.

SHOW 7-BRADY® LIVE (20% Done)

BRADY® Live shows Brady casting for talented Singer/songwriters on-the-rise. We see him work in a recording studio where he polishes and produces a recording of their song. We then see him coach the singer to perform the song. The show moves on to a music night club and we eventually see the singer perform it live either to the soundtrack or with a live band. The show closes with responses from the singer and from the audience and then markets the song on the NextGen Stars iTunes/Download site.

BRADY is a dynamic Actor, Emcee-Host, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Dancer and graphic artist. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the parent company of NextGen Stars®  One World Artists, LLC the REGISTERED U.S. Trademark (#77939941) “BRADY” on 9/3/2013.

The show “Brady<sup>®</sup> Live” was born at the famous “A Song Is Born TV Show in NYC” where Brady was labeled a “ROCK STAR” by the judges! Brady has started to host “Open Mics” in NYC Tri-State area and has been well received by the audience and singers as well. In this show we see how Brady finds the venues and how he decides who he will showcase. He has a comforting and encouraging style back stage when he often meets with first-time stage performers. We see him give his unique “pep and anti-stage freight” talks, and advised on how to “work” the audience so it is enjoyable for all. This is the “NextGen-Mentor” portion of the show. Brady is seen in some small intimate spaces and some cutting-edge famous places! Brady as the HOST is the DJ, he sings as he spins, then he drums along and then introduces the talent! Such fun!!! Season One will take place in the New York City/Tri-State area. Future seasons will travel the world.

Since Brady is also a budding record producer, he may even be seen in a studio working on tracks for the original songs by the artists. One performer for each show, will be seen with Brady in a recording studio first working on the track which will then be used in Brady Live later! The creative process will be explored from lyric writing styles to arrangements. He uses the most cutting edge tools like Ableton PUSH, Native MASCHINE, Pro Tools, Logic, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Autotune, AVOX, Melodyne and more. The songs will be for sale through the NextGen Stars/One World Artists Store via iTunes and more so we will watch the excitement of how sales may grow

Brady was born on a potato farm in rural Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. His story is a major motion picture, but NextGen Stars Mentor Prof. Musial, has decided to show what one of his discoveries does on stage in NYC and beyond. Brady has already performed in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, on a United States Aircraft Carrier in the NYC Harbor on National Radio, for a crown of 10, 000 teens in Buffalo at the DUNN Tire Raceway, on all kinds of TV shows, in Carnegie Hall, Disney and more. Now Brady at just 25 is teaching his next generation of stars and this show demonstrates the magic of Brady.

SHOW 8 - Timmy Cudmore The KING FISH MAN™ (50% complete)

Timmy Cudmore is simply NUTS about fishing and writing songs and playing music about it! This show demonstrates through wilderness humor and wacky songs: how to fish! We see Timmy talk about the inspirations for the songs at the actual streams and frozen ponds, in the beautiful land of green gables; Prince Edward Island, Canada. The show also ventures to Trout Town USA in the majestic Catskill Mountains of New York State, the land of "Twist and Trout" in Malibu, CA and deep sea fishing in the Yachting Paradise of North America: Fort Lauderdale and Key West, Florida. This crazy, zany reality series shows Timmy teaching all ages about fishing and music! Duck Dynasty Fans Watch Out!

In 2007 his son BRADY was honored by his school, (his home and school were surrounded by potato fields in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada), to make a special High School Senior trip to NYC. It was to explore Broadway Shows and by one very rare chance, Brady received a full artists management, production and recording deal! This included the installation of a home recording studio. Timmy observed Prof. Musial install the system, and teach his brilliantly talented son him how to use it.

One day in January 2013 Brady received a very odd, even mystical email from his Dad. (Timmy to Brady’s knowledge, did not use email much nor record at all.) It was a message that said something like “listen to the mp3” which was attached. In summary it was the song “King Fish Man” which challenged his other son to try to catch more Trout than Dad this year! Hmm? It was very comical with great drums, guitars and bass and a “scratchy” but sincere lead vocal. Hmm, could this be my Dad? But how? Why? Really? Giggle! Dad learned from his son how to record. The older son “Ryan” posted a message on Facebook due to serious “cabin fever”, with several feet of snow and a desire to go fishing, he put up “Here Fishy Fishy”! Timmy saw it and it gave birth to the silly song idea, and he recorded it in Brady’s home studio. Brady was now in NYC working on his third solo album with a multitude of producers, and jamming in a band with Prof Musial’s college students. When Prof. Musial heard it, after the initial shock and the glow with joy because he has helped to teach yet one more the art of Music Technology, he said “oh my god” this is like the next “Duck Dynasty®”! He immediately connected his NYC area “SkyRoom Studio” to the “cloud”, and retrieved the individual instrument tracks, and proceeded to enhance the song. He added a real Sax buy Joey Arminio, some keyboard parts and Carol Lester the Bubble Queen, added her amazing backup vocals, and PRESTO: KING FISH MAN is Hatched!

Professor Musial has produced 3 Full Albums and several singles with now about 50 songs in the King Fish Man Catalog. Timmy has over 1,000 songs composed and recorded on Soundcloud! He has also produced about a dozen silly music videos & some serious music videos like: “TROUT TOWN USA”, “DREAMCAST” & “I LOVE FULTON FISH”. Brady learned a great deal about music by watching his Dad as a boy. Timmy is a MENTOR because he taught his children & wife and now his granddaughter to FISH!

SHOW 9- Carol Lester the BUBBLE QUEEN™ (50% Done)
An interactive TV Show/Live Show/Video Game & Cartoon Series

The BUBBLE QUEEN SHOW is designed to entertain and educate toddlers to early elementary school children with Crafty Sayings, Music & Bubbles! It just works! This show may evolve into a costume character show & cartoon series, launch toys, new songs by Carol AND maybe even new musical soloists and/or bands who use the name "Bubble Pops™".

Bubble Music Celebrations captivate the creative, playful aura of Babies, Toddlers, Pre K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade children. Carol Lester is a seasoned, award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress and an Educator. In her high School/college years Carol was a rock star on-the-rise and recorded 2 full albums. She fell in love with a brilliant man who was also a professor, and they married and had a child. Carol took a “break” from performing to start raising their daughter. In the process she started to sing traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies with her piano and guitar, but with a unique “flare”!

Carol’s art became in-demand among her piers and she was soon hired to do this for small and large groups alike. In the midst of this new musical direction, she was also became the Vice President of her City’s Board Of Education! Carol noticed the fascination children had with the interaction of percussion instruments and “Bubble Wands”! She wrote the song “Bubbles Everywhere” and it became a “hit”. Carol released a self-produced album titled “ABC Sing With Me: Sing-A-Long”. When she met Professor Musial she asked him to produce her second album for this age group “Lullabies”. Musial attended some of her live shows and experienced the “Bubble Fascination” and said that she was like a “Bubble Queen”.

Prof. Musial is now producing her third album in this style titled “The Bubble Queen”. Six shows have been filmed with multiple cameras (at least one in Ultra HD) at this time with enough footage for a 2 hour documentary ready for editing! Carol Lester Mentors the Next Generation of Actors and Musicians by encouraging Creative expression with musical interaction at all of her live shows, as well. By nurturing a group called the "Royal Bubble Pops™", consisting of 2 girls and 2 boys middle school aged, who assist her with singing and "hosting" the shows, we could be launching the "Next" "Musketeers" or "Spice Girls" or "New Kids On The Block" by escalating them to One World Artists Management, Smart Trax and Skate Dance Records if they show charisma! Maybe a "Sesame Street" meets "Mister Rogers" meets "Galloping Gourmet" show is made by inviting in regular guests like Brady as an acting coach, the King Fish Man as an "Outdoors" coach and even the "Wacky Chef" as a healthy kids food segment? All sing! Hmm?

SHOW 10-Jim Rebholz the WACKY CHEF™ (25% Done)

The WACKY CHEF™ never finishes a recipe or a dish, he gets off on tangents by singing crazy original songs, and making life observations, that you just want to come back more a laugh off the calories you just ate! Each show has him starting to prepare a favorite "healthy" recipe, and then gives these outrageous commentaries that just make you say "Hmm? I've never quite looked at it like this but he's right!". He calls the police on "Mister Softie" and in a zany way, recommends that he uses "Frozen Yogurt" as a healthy substitution, then he sees that the server has muscles, a "6 pack chest" and ink, and says... obviously you don't eat this crap! The show has regular segments with different related topics, viewers (Crowd Fund Sponsors) can appear in a show and share their Wacky Recipe, and we get to also see him really sing! The Wacky Chef is beyond Wacky, he's Hysterical!

Jim Rebholz is a brilliant Singer/Songwriter/Actor and a highly acclaimed Healthy Chef, who has been featured on the famous Western New York ABC TV show "AM Buffalo" nearly 100 times. Jim composed & sang the jingle, & Prof. Musial produced it for the first commercial campaign for the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Subway System titled “Let Metro Move You”. Jim’s cooking techniques are delivered in a festive, "impromptu" musical way that mentors you to a healthy way of life with laughter. Many demos have already been shot and a series of shorts would be most desirable.

Jim has recipes for everything, but healthy chefs are “a dime-a-dozen” these days. Jims’ wacky sense of humor, his little silly stories can make even Kale cool! He writes songs about the process, which are fun and memorable, and there will be an on-going library of wacky songs in his library. But Jim is also a serious singer, and his fans can also buy these songs from the site. He is like a "Jim Neighbors" meets the “Galloping Gourmet”, with a dash of “Weird Al Yankovitch” and a pinch of “Richard Simmons”. Humor is the Universal flavor that Mentors the message, because of healthy cooking alone will not open doors to a happier, healthy life alone. Tune in the Wacky Chef!

SHOW 11-PROUD TO BE – The Rosado’s Story (25% Done)

Eric & John Rosado are a dynamic twin brother dual from the Statue of Liberty area of Jersey City. They Sing & Act, compose songs play a little keys and Trumpet (John) and Drums(Eric). They were "discovered" in 2016 at the age of 12 (born in 2002), when they signed up to sing in a Christmas Concert in a church. They got involved in this unique "MusicTech Kids" training program and the rest is HISTORY! In 2017 they started to learn to compose (as their voices started to get deep!) They created a song about how the Hurricane Maria damages their grandmother’s home in Puerto Rico. They world on songs about Ice Skating and Fidget Spinners. They shot a music video in the Castle in Central Park! They then starred in a silly movie for kids all about Mermaids and Ghosts on the Jersey Shore and Coney Island! Later they made a song and music video for this movie called “You Scare Me”, and then composed a song for their little 6 year old sister for the movie called “I’m Not A Ghost!” The Rosados performed a serious concert for the Jersey City 9/11/18 Memorial. They also co-composed & starred in a crazy music video called “The Super Bowl Sucks!”

The most exciting venture so far is a song the co-composed about their heritage “PROUD TO BE, Puerto Rican and American”. They performed this on several large stages I the Bronx, Jersey City & Newark. They also performed in massive parades in Jersey City, Newark and the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC!

SHOW 12-Maciej- The Magical Music Tech Wonder Boy (75% Done)

The world of video games has inspired this very unique show all about a 7 year old Polish boy, and his obsession with one particular game… and his parents desire for him to study MUSIC! This story shows how Prof. Musial takes his award winning Music Technology Teaching skills to yet another level: rhetoric retention by designing a custom song based on elementary scales attached to a video game theme! Ta Dah, the birth of the ZOMBIE DANCE™!

In thirteen sessions already filmed with multiple cameras, and at least on in Ultra HD, Prof. Musial succeeded in not only teaching little Maciej how to use “Apple Loops” of prerecorded sound, to match the emotions he described when he saw images in a video game, they made a song together AND recorded a music video. Since many Professor Musial’s college students dreamed of being employed in the dynamic & massive Video Game industry after graduation, Musial thought why not se if he could teach his youngest student, and by his 7th birthday he did.

Maciej has gone on to play the Piano and Pipe Organ in several churches near the Statue Of Liberty, even in the massive Cathedral in Newark! He made lots of songs and music videos. He was approved to audio to sing in Madison Square Garden!

Now many of Professor Musial’s college graduate professional music producers are creating “remix” arrangements of this song and they will be part of the closing episodes of the 13 part series!  This show is destined to get the attention of lots of children in the English & Polish world because of the popularity of video games in this style. It could also be turned into a cartoon series. Go Maciej!

SHOW 13 - Sasha Spielvogel
(50% Complete)

Prof. Musial filmed both the tech rehearsal and the main live show with 3 cameras each, and conducted a variety of interviews after the show. This one to two-hour documentary demonstrates how the passion of one SASHA SPIELVOGEL, can motivate and inspire a cast of forty and a mass audience for a great cause. Now a portion of this show has been honored to be featured in another prestigious NYC performance in December 2015, and the edited multi-camera video of the live show will be on display in the NYC Arts Library for the BROADWAY CARES Foundation!

Labyrinth Dance Theater has been in existence under my direction since the early 1980’s. The Company was set up to create and produce my choreography and though the repertory has evolved organically, its essence (essential trajectory) remains true to my original impulses as a creative artist.

As Labyrinth’s body of work has grown over the years, I have understood with greater clarity that the purpose of the work is to create theatrical pieces which study human frailty, nobility and intensity of emotion. As theater, the arc of the drama is paramount yet since dance is the medium, the beauty and strength of movement is equally important.

Labyrinth performs pieces which are personal psychological and spiritual journeys. In most of the dances, the characters are on the brink of a transformation. As the piece unfolds, they try to learn from their darker sides and understand what that confrontation must entail: the ability, though painful, to lose their fears, the acceptance of their vulnerability and finally the discovery of the source of their strength. A gamut of opposing emotions is examined: Eros and holiness, addiction and desire, the feeling of being caught and the desire for freedom. We connect with what the performer is experiencing, and feel from their struggle. We are, hopefully, all the richer for the experience.

The music is taken from previously composed scores or as often as possible is commissioned or played live, sometimes integrating the musicians into the fabric of the dance. Our programs serve the community of people who want or need to be moved by the human experience. As in all artistic endeavors, the success of each performance largely depends on the degree to which both the actor/dancers and audience (and, for that matter, the choreographer) can be moved in this way; and that, in turn, depends on our own levels of experience and maturity.

Sasha Spielvogel, Artistic Director

SHOW 14- Roger Ansanelli the SOUND HEALER™ (25% Complete)

This show will demonstrate Roger's very unique gift and teaching abilities in the field of Sound Healing. We will see him in the Alvin Alley American Dance Theater in NYC, and visit his office, meet some of his patients and experience his group sessions. We will show how he inspires the Next Generation of Stars who are born with the “gift”.

"I desire one thing; that you remember your spark,
which is huge and magnificent.

Celebrate it!
I believe our gift to the world is what gives us our
greatest joy, and the

sharing of this joyful gift is our
contribution, the reason we've come --
to travel into


I am grateful, ROGER 111

Roger is truly unique. Professor Musial met Roger around 1994 when entered a choir loft and simply asked him if he could “sing”. BOY COULD HE SING! Roger has done hundreds of church services with Musial, and a multitude of recording studio sessions as well. Roger sang of the song “Spread Peace All Over The World” which was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary, he did voice overs on an anti-violence project that earned an Emmy Award for MTV. Roger has been an actor on the National “Saturday Night Live” show many times and is in the movie “Stepford Wives” with Bette Midler. He has voiced countless cartoon character voices including the “Mad Screen Box” video game, which is enjoying international viewings on the world’s first Ultra HD 4K Interactive Video Game Network! Roger has been a SOUND HEALER for many years with a practice in the NYC Area in Hoboken, and has been a speaker on the topic in universities and a variety of inspirational settings.

SHOW 15- Biddy QmusiQ -The Apollo to MTV & Beyond
(25% Complete)

The world of "Hip Hop" is full of "want-a-bees" and "copy-cats" but Biddy Q a real cat who's doing it! Q is like a Dr Dre, or Snoop Dog and he invites all kinds of artists to make music with him. This show demonstrates how Biddy Q (a real-life daddy of 4), Mentor's his artists in a fatherly way. Q learned from who he titled "Dr. D" in 1989... Prof. David Musial, so this show is truly about Mentors mentoring the NextGen Stars!

Biddy Q travelled the nation for years as the DJ for the incredible Manhattan Model Search and discovered tons of talented rappers (like 'Lil Ben at age 10) and singers like MJ Medina! He spun the hits of today and at the same time he was constantly creating and adding beats to his massive collection. He questioned Dr. D and other industry pros and learned from the best of the best, how to not just build an incredible HD Project studio, but to produce award winning beats. Q made the beat and managed the artists "AJE" who at just 17, a White, Italian Rapper, WON FIRST PLACE at the world famous "LIVE AT THE APOLLO" in Harlem! His beats have been played in Disney, in the National Headquarters of the DEA in Washington and beyond. He did the beats on a Hip Hop track that was on a campaign that earned an Emmy Award for the US Department of Education for MTV!

Biddy Q is also a gifted cartoon character voice actor, and has made many characters come to life for cartoons like "Baydog", "The Yokkies" and most recently, the brand new "MAD SCREEN BOX" video game on the world's first Ultra HD 4K Video Game Network.

Q is a Hip Hop visionary and is currently working with the amazing R&B Singer/Beat Box aficionado and Motivational Speaker "Anthony Vasquez. Anthony's mother is the "Queen of Latin Music" especially Merengue: Celia Cruz, with over 20 gold albums! Serious music is in his blood! "Samatha Quartin", L.A. Film Producer and daughter of Lloyd Quartin, founder of the Turn Up The Music-Drew's Famous Party Music labels records with Q! "G Rugged" is now with Q. He's a former member of Combined skills from Brooklyn who won "group-of-the-year" at the famous SOB's Night Club in NYC. tune in to hear the rest of the new NextGen Stars!

16 Angelo Cerrone
(10% Complete)

From Broadway auditions, to voicing a TV Announcer on a project that won an Emmy for MTV, to singing demos for Pepsi jingles, voicing cartoon characters, singing the national anthem at the 150th anniversary of Baseball, and singing in the song "Spread Peace All Over The World" for the 50th anniversary of Baseball, his most unique honor has been to sing the most famous song by Pop Legend "Frank Sinatra "MY WAY" at his very own funeral in a church! Angelo has chosen to be a church song leader/soloist and in this show he Mentors the next generation of Cantors and more!

This show will explore the church music industry and the viewer will get to see the "inside scoop" of how that "Singer" is selected to be up at the altar! We see the ministry meetings where the music is selected, the rehearsal sessions, the quirky little things that exist in all churches, and you learn to "go-with-the-flo" and smile at your faults and accept the faults of others. You learn how to gently "turn off" the mic for the elderly choir member who simply has lost his voice but does not know it! Yes, this can happen to anyone!

Each episode will show Angelo running an audition process, (unlike the current pop shows that prosper from embarrassing people, Angelo gently encourages the not-so-ready candidate, to study privately with him and one of his staff instructors. We may see some of these sessions as well. We then training new cantors, and we then see them perform in a service.
Professor met Angelo in 1990 when he became the music director at a dynamic church in Hoboken, where Frank Sinatra was born! Angelo was constantly compared to Frank (most artists do not like to be compared to anyone, because they are their own talent!) Angelo has a very strong and defined high tenor voice, and when he sings solos, it brings tears to the eyes! Angelo has a heart of gold and works very easily with other choir members, who he has Mentored in a gentle way over the years.

Good Morning America phoned Angelo twice, many months prior and the morning of his passing of Frank Sinatra, and asked ANGELO to appear on the ABC TV Show, because they selected ANGELO CERRONE to represent the city, as the "Next Sinatra" to come out of "Hoboken" where he grew up! Angelo and his wife "Angelica", ran her family's restaurant "Gerrino's", which was known as the Finest Italian Restaurant in Hoboken. They knew the Sinatra family because they use to have meetings at their place. Angelo DENIED Good Morning America twice, because first of all, he is very, very humble, he's massively talented as a tenor vocalist, and he knew the family and thought it would be distasteful! A few days later Angelo get's a "routine" phone call from the pastor of the church, where he sings at on a regular basis. He say's "Hey Ang", we have a memorial service on Saturday. Angelo asks "anyone I know", the pastor says "Well, kinda, yes". So Angelo sang at the service and on the 100th Birthday of the Legendary Frank Sinatra, we will see the response of Sinatra fans in one of the show's episodes.

SHOW 17 Polish Opera- Kasia Drucker
(10% Complete)

Kasia Drucker, David Musial along with Tadeus Turkowski have given over 15 concerts in the NYC/NJ Areas in 2017 & 2018 for Polish Christmas and Easter events. The first was at the world famous Kosciusko Mansion in the Art Gallery district of Central Park, NYC. Most of the shows are at senior centers, many in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They were all filmed in Ultra HD Audio & Video and are ready for editing!

SHOW 18 The Royal Snow Queen
Miss Bernadine DeMike-A Theatrical Visionary

(25% Done)
Concept By David Musial & Jim Rebholz

Miss Bernadine DeMike (83) has inspired and trained hundreds of Musical Theater performers from the Western New York area for over 50 years. This show demonstrates how her delicate and intense style of mentoring, has open doors for countless theatrical entertainers.

Many have gone on to stardom on Broadway, in Vegas, Hollywood and more. I received my first professional Live Sound Design “break” after editing many lesson music tapes for her, by running the sound at her first big Shea’s Buffalo event. As a ballerina in he youth, Bernadine performed on countless stages. While raising her 7 children in Orchard Park, NY, she started the “Royale Dance Theater” and initially from her home, she taught many, many students and mounted a myriad of productions with her most notable being a rendition of the Hans Christian Anderson Tale “The Snow Queen”. It has been performed at the prestigious Shea’s Buffalo and beyond. Alumni students are constantly reaching out to Miss Bernadine and people around her stating how much she has “changed” or “influenced” their lives. Some of her own children have been involved in her productions and one went on to “West Point Academy” and now is a high executive at “Google”! Most recently Miss Bernadine assisted with the costume design and choreography for the initial music video for a unique alternative high school for college aged women in poverty, founded by Catholic Sisters 25 years ago, near the Statue of Liberty.

The Two Hour Documentary concept (less commercials and could be divided and expanded into 13-Ten minute “webisodes”):

PART 1This would ideally be a collection of historical video & still clips merged with taped interviews, including many I have already conducted with Miss Bernadine in Ultra HD 4K last month when she visited NYC, and the best of a Live Production/Tribute-Roast in Buffalo.

PART 2 The “Tribute Event” or would ideally be a History Show, Fashion Show, Tribute and Fund Raiser with a Chamber Ensemble of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra! It would be co-produced by Jim Rebholz of AM Buffalo & maybe one of her students could Co-Emcee the fashion show. To add variety Joy Medina & Brady Cudmore would be the Co-Hosts of the Tribute Show.

Segment A: History
A Fifteen Minute Video Projection of her most famous works is screened
Ideally it would be in the main ballroom/vestibule of the Buffalo History Museum.
A screen would show a 15 min video of a fast paced edited summary of some of her productions, I would score original theme music for any historical footage if needed.

Segment B: The Fashion Show
Local models (preferably her students) could show her vast collection of period theatrical costumes by gracefully walking down the stairs like a “model runway”, as the Chamber Ensemble performed music selected by Miss Bernadine to match the period in history.

Segment C: The Tribute
The “Tribute” is where Miss Bernadine sits next to the Co-Hosts Joy & Brady and they bring up to the stage one at a time in a Talk Show format, artists who Miss Bernadine has mentored and have turned into the Next Generation of Stars! They will answer the questions “When & Where did you meet and What have you done I the field?” They will also be asked to share something funny!

To each side of her would be the co-hosts “Joy Medina” and “Brady Cudmore”, who will introduce all “KEY TALENT” speakers and nurture/moderate the next 60 mins or so. Spread across the stage would be 10 of Miss Bernadine’s most successful students, and they would each take the camera and tell their story about her, what they have done since and now! At the end of the live show, there would be an “open mic” in the audience (and wireless handhelds) and audience members would have a chance to step up and contribute. Bernadine is a prime example of a “MENTOR” to the Next Generation of Stars.

Segment D: The Silent Auction
These unique costumes would them be placed into a silent auction and proceeds would be directed to Miss Bernadine to decide where they go.

Local sponsors: Maybe hotels, restaurants and car services could assist. Local & national press would be invited.

In summary, the documentary for broadcast would consist of an edited & posted version of this live show (filmed in Ultra HD & surround sound), and would also contain some of the interviews I already captured of Bernadine’s reflection on her contribution to the arts and her plans for the future!

Photos of Miss Bernadine by David Musial June 2015

(10% Complete)

Selling a house is an art! GG is an artist of an actress who has made lots of cartoon voices, and sand and acted in countless productions in her early years. She took a break while raising her children, but developed an interest in the art of Real Estate. Her natural charm, her outgoing "bubbly" persona and overall creativeness, has made her also a successful realtor. In this show she mentors the "newbies" by showing the "art od the sale" with her joy for acting!

Do I Have A Place For You!


If a picture says a thousand words, a note says a million! Think about it? You rent a car and turn on the radio and a strange station is on... within a few beats, even a second of sound, and you might recognize a song from 10, 15, even 20 years ago or more... and you start to sing it, (as best you can.) You reflect on memories related to it back in time. Well this show knows this and also knows that these toddlers are having their viewpoints on life formed by the sounds of today, and they will run our world tomorrow! There are countless children's entertainers, and the NextGen Team of highly skilled experts will audition and qualify feature quality acts, for the extremely busy parents of today to enjoy knowing that we did the hard work for them!

Prof. Larry Yates (50% Complete)

Dr. Larry Yates is a professor in NYC and composed the lyrics to the modern day tale “FIND THE GOLDEN BIRD”. As the producer of this show, Professor Yates, inspires the cast and audience by creating incredible pieces to be shared through theatrical venues. An accomplished librettist, the accolades told through his art, invite minds of all ages to partake in fantastical adventures teaching them of courage, strength, and beauty. We see Dr. Yates work with the brilliant, humble and vibrantly creative NYU Music Theater Graduate student Emily Rose Simons, who composed the lovely, funny and dynamic music. Many of the actors were youngsters who were inspired by Dr. Yates, and the audience learns of the mentorship from the after-show interviews.

This Broadway Style Musical was performed in the New York City Thespis Festival in July 2015. Out of 65 shows it was brought back for an encore performance! One World Artist & NextGen Star BRADY®, is the male lead actor & Prof. Musial has been assisting in promotion. He has filmed all 4 performances.

Synopsis: There was a kingdom 500 hundred years ago in northern Europe ruled by a King who had 3 Prince sons! One day he announced that his kingdom is facing a disastrous famine. He proclaimed that there is a "mystical golden bird" out in the wilderness of his kingdom, who has special powers that can save the kingdom. He orders his Princes to venture into the kingdom to "Find The Golden Bird". He says that the Prince who succeeds will then be offered a bride and he will step down from his thrown and make this son the new KING! Beware... there are evil "trolls" in the kingdom who will kill you if they find out that you are seeking the Golden Bird! (Shh..Brady® finds the Bird, gets the Bride and becomes the King!!!)

Danilo-with Kevin "KAYO" Orsino

(10% Complete)

Danilo, a dark skin man from Panama, who is a professional stage trainer in NYC, says he is often confronted for being “Black”. Kevin is an award winning White Italian rapper turn producer who when head only through speakers, is assumed to be “Black”. This show with humor, educates the general public and entertains with great musical art!

Dan Smith
(10% Complete)

So one day Dan overheard Professor Musial talking to his younger brother a high school senior, about a Bachelors degree program that he created. Dan came back later and asked Professor Musial if he could transfer from his university, and he did. During his first advising session Musial ask Dan question which he asks all of his first-year students, “where does he see himself in for five years?” He does this so he knows how to advise them on what elective courses to take and what type of internships to find for him. Daniel says not that he wishes, not that he wants; but he will have a number one song in an album on the Billboard charts before he graduates!

Professor Musial found him internships at “Cherry Lane” music publishing, which was Elvis Presley’s is publishing company, and also “Atlantic Records”. Through advising session, he knew it was evolving but one day he walked to his office and dropped on his desk a CD. Daniel produced a song for young singer signed Atlantic records and was placed an album with major megastars like Taylor Swift, Eminem, Pink, Keisha, Rianna, Katy Perry, etc. and the rest is history! Dan recently composed the music for the 1st TV Commercial for the new owner of the "King Of Beers", Budweiser!

Donna Cerio-

(10% Complete)

Professor Musial help to teach Donna and other choir members, how to perform with a “MIDI pipe organ” in the mid 90s, at an aggressive church in Hoboken New Jersey, near the area Frank Sinatra was born! Darnell was an Equity Broadway dancer and re-located across the country to the San Francisco area, and created her own Institute where she mentors all kinds of people her brilliant Broadway dance moves!

Steve Clark
(10% Complete)

Steve Clark is the Maestro of all kinds of music from Germany. One of his specialties is EDM Techno. He’s worked with symphony orchestras and all kinds incredible vocalists. He teaches you also about musical acoustics and engineering, as he whips masterpiece after masterpiece!

Ken Bachor
(30% Complete)

Most High School Seniors have "dream" jobs... Professor Musial has inspired and mentored hundreds of high school and college students in his 25 year history. Ken is one of the many amazing "extremes". This show demonstrates how open-minded, think out-of-the-box, (professors who have real-world experience not just textbook knowledge), can make a real difference. Ken told Professor Musial his career dream as a high school senior. He advised him though his bachelors, and when he graduated, Ken's dream came true!

SHOW 27 LET’S RAP ABOUT Doing Heroin?
Anthony V
(10% Complete)

Most of us know the sad outcome of a drug addiction, especially one like Heroin! Well fortunately Anthony was "saved" through the power of music and he now uses his gift as a motivational Rapper, Singer and Speaker in Heroic ways! Antony Mentors the Hip Hop culture in English and Spanish and he is thankful to his mom, the QUEEN OF LATIN MUSIC!

Anthony is an incredible R&B singer and a bombastic vocal Beatboxer (makes the sounds of drums with his mouth as he raps.) He unfortunately was tempted, as most of us are, to experiment with drugs at a young age. The temptation overtook his ability to resist the catch. He eventually was detained and placed into a long, exhausting and humiliating but successful rehabilitation process. He had the incredible support of his upset, yet understanding and caring family. In the process he nurtured his inborn spirituality and learned how to very effectively "wake up" and change the potential future victim, though the power of not just words, but MUSIC!

In this show will see samples of his performances as he travels around the English and Spanish worlds. We will see a wide variety of testimonials from people in the audiences. We will meet some of his family, hear from his friends who have seen him go through this journey. We will se him in studios recording his mission music and his pop music. We meet the musicians and the producers. His producers Prof. Musial & Biddy Q, have won awards from the United States Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Organization and the U.S. Department of Education- with an Emmy for MTV, based on anti Drug & Violence education ventures. This is better then most MTV, it's real reality!

(30% Complete)

So just “what da heck is Dyngus day”, you might ask yourself? Being born into a Polish family, Professor Musial learned about this festive day as a little boy in the east side of Buffalo, New York. He just knew that aggressive teenage boys would take squirt guns and spray water on girls shirts, and then smack them on the behind with pussy willow branches. He also knew that there is lots of drinking of beer by the adults, at parties that went on that evening!

The city of Buffalo has the largest parade in the world for this event, and a pack an abandoned train station with thousands of people after the parade happens for a big party! One of David’s childhood friends met a lovely lady at a Dyngus Day party, at a Polish church and three years later in his mid-30s they got married…on Dyngus Day!

David could not attend because of his professor responsibilities so he wrote a song with the seven brothers and sisters and their families and it was played at the wedding as a prize. The following year they rented a flatbed trailer, put on their Wedding Gown and Tucks, and danced to the Dyngus Day Polka he composed, at this parade!

The Dyngus Day morning in 2017 David started seeing pictures “popping up” on Facebook of these events, so he went to Google and searched it. Outcome: this crazy song and eventually a music video. Through one of his mentors Bernadine DeMike, he was introduced to a lovely choreographer named Holly Hunter, who owns a dance company in the suburb of Buffalo. She mentored a group of Polish dance students to perform in the biggest parade in the world. Here is the story in video...

SHOW 29 “Recombinant Gene Technology Cloning to Hollywood Composer”
Wayne Sharpe
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Wayne Sharpe, an Emmy nominated and International award-winning film composer and music producer, has dedicated his life to his passion for music and movies. His musical journey began at the age of four, when, without formal training or lessons, he started to play complicated piano pieces by ear. Within a year, he was training formally as a classical pianist and began to study trumpet and violin.

Wayne soon branched out into composition and audio engineering, attending the top Tonemeister program in the country at SUNY Fredonia. Immediately after graduating, Wayne began work with Grammy Award winner Rick James, an experience that led him to the major studios of New York where he garnered recognition as a composer and producer who fused orchestral scoring practice with electronic music. He collaborated with a host of artists including: Ron Carter, Elizabeth Scott, John Powell, and Trixie Reiss (Crystal Method).

The epic scope of Wayne's music led to him scoring for television including shows for the Olympics, NYC Marathon themes, and the Discovery and History Channels.His clients include: NBC, NBC Sports, NBA, BRAVO, IMG, HBO, Warner Bros., and MSG Sports. He has also scored over 100 national TV spots. His unique approach to incorporating electronic music attracted the attention of modern brands including: Intel, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Cover Girl, NBA, Acuvue, Pantene, Revlon, Mobil, Red Lobster, Slimfast, and McDonalds.

His passion for cinema and his ability to craft powerful evocative soundtracks have allowed Wayne to establish himself as a creative force in the film industry. His early film work includes the independent films Southie and Pigeonholed. Wayne also scored several IMAX films and documentaries, as well as the theme for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie, the television show, and music in Pokemon: The First Movie.
The diversity of these achievements earned Wayne a reputation as a versatile composer, able to cross genre boundaries and forge a truly international sound. This attracted the attention of one of India's most acclaimed directors, Prakash Jha, who invited Wayne to bring the western film scoring sound to the Bollywood market. Soon after that, Wayne scored Gangaajal, winning India's top Filmfare award for best score. He continued his close collaboration with Jha creating soundtracks for the widely celebrated: Apaharan, Raajneeti (for which he won the Star Screen Award) and Farrakhan. He collaborated with the top Indian musicians and worked with Son Nigam, Shankar, and Gulzar on the song "Dhan Dhan Dharti" for Raajneeti.

Wayne's award winning reputation in India was catapulted forward and he scored Sanjay Chauhan's Lahore, Tanuja Chandra's Hope and Little Sugar, and Mangesh Hadawale's award-winning Dekh Indian Circus (Busan Film Festival Audience Award). His next project is unique in its international production process. Studios from both Hollywood and Mumbai will work on realizing the creative vision and music--two great film industries forging a mutually beneficial relationship of collaboration.
Whether it's working with top Indian musicians in Mumbai or creating unique soundscapes in New York, Wayne is a composer who straddles the many facets of the global film industry. He believes music is universal, not restricted to the border of a country, but rather in the minds of the audience who experience it.

Brooklyn to Carnegie Hall to Broadway to Madison Square Garden!
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N'Kengé is the "QUEEN" of Stage Moms... a Broadway DIVA Extraordinaire who has a heart of gold and a voice of an Angel! N'Kenge has performed around the world, sang in the White House, in Carnegie Hall, the West End, on Broadway and beyond. She married the man of her dreams and recently (while in the hit show "MOTOWN on BROADWAY") gave birth to her little Angel, "Jahzara Martina". As an infant she was already auditioning for on-camera gigs! This show will show the want-to-be stage mommy and dad, just how to do it, from a real pro!

Professor David Musial met N'Kenge in the elevator to his heavenly "SkyRoom Studios" recording complex one day with her wonderful father. A neighbor asked David "so what's up in the world of music today?" And before he could answer, her dad asked if he would listen to her new "CD". A few days later N'Kenge asked David if he could help manage her musical ventures. David was too busy with academic responsibilities and other artist’s contracts, but helped her record a duet with one of his rising stars. This led into a variety of recording and video projects in his studio, and he witnessed another Juilliard artist expand (David also studied at the Juilliard School of music.) Her beautiful daughter was born at the moment David was receiving the prestigious "Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award!" So, David has encouraged N'Kenge to record an album of classics and new original Broadway Style songs with the word "Baby" in it, and to do a "Reality Style" show by filming the recording process. N'Kenge will take breaks from the vocal booth and share precious Mommy advise to the viewers, as they learn her secrets to musical stardom success!

About N'Kenge...

Robert L. Hecker!
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Robert L. Hecker was a World War II fighter pilot, who moved to Hollywood when he returned to America. He wrote hundreds of scripts for western movies, and then wrote lots of novels. Later in his career he started to write Broadway musicals!

Professor Musial was hired to record the original cast him for his musical titled “Honestly Abe” which is about the what would’ve been “college age years” of President Abraham Lincoln. He also produced videos of the live show events. This documentary goes into details about how he mentors.

Nuns and more mentor poverty stricken mothers
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Professor Musial volunteered some time teaching at the amazing York Street project. He later was hired to begin a documentary about its story for the 25th anniversary. An amazing Catholic nun apparently found a young teenage girl living in a junkyard car with her newly born baby. She dropped out of high school. The nun brought her to what used to be a Catholic school convent, and gave her a room to raise her little baby.

Eventually the center turned into a bona fide high school with a daycare center for the babies and a dormitory for the mothers to live in. Next to it is another building with young mothers could stay after they graduated while working for employment.

Chris Bohinski
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Chris met Musial at a Christmas concert at a Polish church in Jersey City, and later he visited his recording studio facility. He told him that his father had recently passed on for brain tumor. His dad was a medical Doctor who later in life explored his interest in becoming a cowboy! Chris decided to take three songs and merge them together, to make a special presentation to his mother in memory of his father. They filmed many segments of the recording sessions.

In the meantime Chris created this concept of asking people in New York City “what makes you smile?” Eventually he met one celebrity after another and even received a letter from President Obama!

Lighting Up A Billion Homes in India TS Mamik
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Mr. Mamik owned a non profit business in New Delhi, India, which put a free solar panel on the roofs of the huts of poor people, which have them enough electricity too light a bulb and heat a coil for a meal! He said he had 250employees when Prof. Musial met him on July 3, 2017. Musial’s dear friend Billy (who he helped to teach to be a music producer and won an Emmy Award with him), asked if he could bring a family up to meet him. Billy is also a concierge at the front desk of the SkyRoom Studio Musial owns and makes these shows in! After meeting his family Prof. Musial naturally asked if the teens were musicians? The boy said he played a little “guitar”. Musial asked if they had an iPad? Then the dad said they were in this building where they use to live (the boy was born here and the girl in India), because they were staying in an apartment they keep until July 6th. The dad was going to Chicago on July 5 for a business meeting. Musial offered to give a Music Tech lesson and the rest is HISTORY!

Flamenco Guitar to Wall Street

Vidak Radonjic
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Vidak is not just brilliant with mathematics and works on Wall Street with his private consulting firm, he is also an amazing flamingo guitarist! Musial has worked with him in recording Studios and Musial has worked with him in recording Studios, and has filmed several of his live concerts in New York City.

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Professor Musial met Kevin when he was a high school senior. He won a contest that Musial inspired for “New Jersey shouts down drugs”. Musial won this award with his anthem song “We, Are, Drug Free!” a year prior. Kevin contacted Musial the next day and told him he wrote a song for him called “I’m different because I don’t to drugs”! Musial was perplexed because he did not request this. Kevin visited his recording facility and Musial signed him to “Smart Trax®”

Musial went and produced more recordings and videos with him, and started to produce live shows for the United States “Young Marines”, and even in Disney for D.A.R.E. International! Eventually Kevin performed at the 25th anniversary for the massive “Red Ribbon Rally” at the national headquarters for the DEA in Washington, where Musial received a life achievement award for his creations of “Music With Positive Messages” for the Youth of the Nation!

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The parents of Ashley brought her to Musial’s recording studio when she was 16, and she had held the title “Miss Teen Model Of The Universe”! Musial recorded many songs with her and some of them were for his “Skate Dance” and “Smart Trax” educational ventures. One song had the Prague Symphony Orchestra make the instrumental soundtrack, and it was for the 25th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King! Ashley went on the study film in college and is now a very successful Hollywood film director!

More on the way!

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