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Much like learning carpentry, building a YouTube Channel is a LOT of work!  It's a good thing that even apprentice carpenters get paid to work as they learn or far fewer people could afford to develop these valuable skills. The learning curve for producing video content for YouTube requires a similar amount of time, effort and ambition but without the benefit of income during the learning process.  That reality makes it difficult to juggle priorities between paying work and the speculative nature of work that goes into video production.  Only when financial commitments are met by income from client projects can I devote 'spare time' to scripting, filming, editing and producing video, not to mention actually doing the work shown in the video!
I love doing both the actual work and producing videos about it!  That's why I've set up this Patreon page for those who value what they see in Next Level Carpentry videos and would choose to contribute here.  Each Patreon dollar contributed offset's one Client Project dollar and means I can justify spending that dollar's worth of 'earning time' producing videos about the work I do for clients rather than spend the time at a jobsite doing just the work itself.
The ultimate goal is to make a switch from taking client projects and gleaning video ideas from them to choosing client projects specifically for their content potential for video tutorials.

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