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Millions of people are abandoning cable and network news. They're seeking independent voices powered by the people - not mega corporations. They want investigations and reports on issues that really matter - not the latest garbage about the Kardashians.

This is where you and the Next News Network come in.

With over 55,000 YouTube subscribers, more than 4000 videos and 28+ million total views we're not new kids on the block. We're experts at independent - people powered - liberty driven news.

Our reporting has been featured as the primary news in 3 major television markets and we've been cited by countless outlets across the world.

The goal, "empower our viewers with actionable information, enabling each to pursue their own life, powered by liberty and happiness, just as our founders intended."

We have the record, the tools and the talent to accomplish this. We simply need the ongoing funding.

As a small independent news outlet we have tremendous flexibility to respond quickly when news breaks without the same bureaucratic editorial censorship that dinosaur networks have.

And our needs are not the same as a massive network news channel - we don't have insane talent salaries and overhead to cover. We estimate that we can create compelling original news content generated by a small staff for about 10k per month.

At one time we could rely on our partnership with YouTube to generate supplemental revenue. However youtube has become increasingly hostile to news and information related to geopolitical conflicts and controversial politics. At the end of June 2015 they swept our entire channel and de-monetized hundreds of our videos. Because of their new policy we lost a significant amount of monthly revenue.

Now we want to partner with you through Patreon. And by partnering with you we hope to overcome our dependency on the YouTube Partnership Program and be more focused on producing content that you want to see. This empowers you to drive the content and allows us to be a truly independent and trusted source. And best of all, we won't be forced to self censor just to make a few YouTube bucks.

That is people-powered news. And that is how it should be.

Become a Next News Insider today by partnering with us on Patreon. Not only will you have the pride of knowing you're in the driver's seat of an influential news outlet you'll also get insider access to the online Newsroom. There you'll be able to interact with our producers, and writers directly and have direct access to your Executive producer and Lead Anchor, Gary Franchi. 

In some cases we'll deliver you the news before we release it to the general public. Enabling you to be the first to break news to your social networks. You'll become a trusted source people will rely on.

Those are just a few of the perks, however the most important one is ensuring that we can produce the content you have come to rely on us for.

You are the key. Commit just a small monthly contribution supporting a genuine effort to deliver the hard news so we can educate and activate the people of the world.

Get started as a Patron of the Next News Network today for just $5 per month - and we’ll see you in the News Room.

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With your help we can hit this milestone. It will only take 100 of us giving just $5 per month to make it happen. Together we can do it!
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