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Hi, i'm Nicola,  a little italian poet and songwriter. You will find here simple and natural recordings of my songs, of my music with piano and some covers. No recording studio behind me, not even a staff editor for video, for now. I'm interested in it gets to more people the message of my songs and my music.
My proposal is to record a CD with my songs and publish them, perhaps combined with a book of poems that would constitute a message of hope. I also want to improve my English to publish in English my works. One day I'd like to help with my songs the most needy. If you know of any needy person in your city, please does not support me, because I have a little house, a family. Instead,  help needy. Thank you!Thank you for your encouragement, for all your advice and for your support.

Nic DiM,  the smallest songwriter and poet in the world.

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