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About Nicola Miller

Welcome to my newsletter,  Tales From Topographic Kitchens, a regular maildrop of links to, and writing about, the best food media. I hope it will be an easier way for you to keep track of my recommendations which would otherwise be scattered across social media. 

I want to collaborate with other writers to bring you interesting features and interviews but because I insist upon paying contributors, this is coming out of my own pocket. I don't have a problem with this and I'm not going to guilt trip anyone for reading a site for free that I created of my own free will but I would like to develop Tales From Topographic Kitchens so any contributions made will be ringfenced and not used elsewhere.  Here's an example of a recent paid-for feature with KitchenWitch books in New Orleans.

I am also a  freelance food columnist and features writer for Iliffe Media and I have an old blog called The Millers Tale

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