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A BIG THANK YOU, because no matter how small your pledge is,  this shows me you are an amazing supportive fan! 
 For $2 you'll have access to: 
- Progress photos on whatever I'm creating
- Cosplay updates & shoot teasers 
- Behind the seams, I mean scenes 
(BTS photos) 
- First look into all my new cosplays
* Plus my endless love & appreciation * 
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High Five, Thank you so much for your support!!!! 
 For $10 you'll have access to: 
- Exclusive access to my downloadable personal selfie album 
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- Help me brainstorm
- Sketches & Designs
- Cosplay plans
- Teaser content
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Let's get DIGITAL!
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Hey, lovelies! I'm Nica Stone, a cosplayer based out of chilly Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm a goofy, awkward odd ball who loves all things nerdy.

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A Bit About Me
I'm a Canada-born British and (a wee bit) Yugoslavian model and photographer who, as of fall 2012, started my journey into the wonderful world of cosplay…and I LOVE it!

Why I Cosplay
I have ventured into many hobbies and activities over the years, but nothing really stuck. I’ve always had a HUGE love for the arts: modeling, photography, painting, hair, makeup, sewing, costuming, clay molding—the list goes on. Cosplay is a way for me to combine all of the things I love together and create something epic with each and every project I take on.

I’ve always loved Pokémon, superheroes, pop culture, and BRIGHT colours, so it just seemed natural to see how well I could do with creating armour and props while becoming some of these beloved characters.

Why Patreon
My love for costuming, as well as my love for nerdy things and for interacting with people who have the same interests, is exactly why I’m here. I want to keep making costumes for characters that you enjoy. Over the past few years, I've been able to share my love and passion of cosplay and I am looking to further my art and knowledge to share with even more of you. However, cosplay can be quite the expensive hobby and I'm looking to raise funds to create more elaborate designs, better quality videos and instructive tutorials, and get better equipment for photos. I also want to be able to give all of you even more Nica and I can do that with Patreon’s tiered rewards! Whether you choose a print tier or want to support me with a couple of bucks, I heartily appreciate your involvement in my art and every penny helps me give back to you all with more exciting things and bigger, better cosplays.

I tried to create my tiers so that there’s something for everybody! I will also be doing more boudoir & NSFW shoots exclusively for my Patrons, giving you some fun, exclusive, and bootylicious content that won't be found anywhere else! I hope to eventually help other cosplayers not just with ideas but with designs and tutorials as I get better with all that I’m doing.

Where You'll See Me
You can meet me at local Alberta conventions/expos dressed in cosplay, usually at a booth with prints of my work. I love being able to meet and interact with all of you! My love for conventions has grown over the past few years, and ever since my first one I can’t seem to get enough! You guys have me hooked. These conventions have become something I greatly look forward to and I’m always excited to prep new cosplays to showcase and share with you all in action.

What You Get
YOU get the sneak peeks into what I work on and see it before anyone else. I also want to start tutorials in the future (this will be in my goals). I have so much knowledge to share with you all. I just need more time to do that. I will be posting exclusive photos and videos to my Patreon for anyone who decides to join me on this new endeavour, as well as sending bonuses to my supporters. I have many exclusive shoots and prints planned for you all, so stay tuned for some very exciting new work. I can't wait for us to get started!!! Thank you soooooooo much for supporting me in all that I do!

How It Works
Here's how things will work: you subscribe to my Patreon on a monthly basis. You can change or edit your pledge whenever you want, so you’re never obligated to a certain length of time after the initial sign up.

Once you sign up, you’ll be charged immediately for that month. You will then get that month’s rewards, even if you sign up later in the month. Example: no matter when you sign up in February, you’ll be eligible for February rewards, which will ship once the charge is processed. After signing up for the first time, you’ll automatically be charged on the 1st of every month from that point forward. (Be ready: if you sign up on February 28, you will be charged for (and receive) the rewards for February, and then for March the following day!)

My tiers offer a variety of print or digital rewards, so check them out to see what’s available! Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

- Nica Stone

[Please remember that all pledge amounts are marked in USD.]

I MEAN SCENES! * hehe ;) 
$129.87 of $200 per month
So exciting, the bridge troll is pleased! Now I shall release to you a second digital photo album (of Cosplay or Boudoir Cosplay images) available for Aquamarine's & up! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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