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I will say your name, no matter how ridiculous it is at the end of every video. You'll also be able to download a wide variety of rewards, including access to my finished project files!
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I'm Nick, I'm a creator of many things, I make lots of stuff!
◆ Artist & Illustrator
Animator & Motion Designer
 Video Producer & Editor
◆ Streamer & Entertainer

You may know me from many corners of YouTube, you may have seen my art and animations on Twitter, or you may have popped into one of my Twitch streams. No matter how you got here, it means you are interested in some of my creations!

◆  YouTube ◆  Twitch ◆  Twitter

This Patreon page helps support ALL of my creative ventures, no matter what I make, no matter where, this will be the hub of where you can keep in the loop and support what I do! With more support and financing, that will open more avenues for me to embark on bigger creative projects, The overall goal of the Patreon is to grow as a creative and to bring you the best projects possible.

$1 - Tip Jar
Every little bit helps!

This tier of support will get you early access to anything I make before it goes live!
You'll also get access to the Discord community, be able to vote on what thing I make next, have your name scroll at the end of videos, and of course you will also get access to all of my blog posts so you can stay in the loop!

$5 - Supporter!
See how it's done!

Supporters are those who want to take a step behind the curtain and understand more of the process of what goes into how I make things, and I can show you the steps I take!
This will range from little Behind The Scenes footage, Commentary voice overs, showing incomplete or scrapped works. On top of this, I'll be giving small tips and tricks that can help you with your own creations. And finally there will be a monthly QnA podcast where I will answer questions and talk about what is on my mind

$10 - Producer!
Embrace everything that I make!

Producers are those that really want to engage with the work that I make!
On top of getting special shout outs during video credits, and a fancy discord role; this tier will be focused on a wider variety of extra content that you can download, like the project files for everything I make and a ton of other goodies. There are also future plans for rewards once we reach certain goals.

◆ Downloadable Content: My custom made effects, Photoshop Files, sound files, uncompressed formats, Wallpapers & phone backgrounds, RAW gifs, video files, plus more! 
◆ Future Unlockables: Stickers, Prints, and Other Memorabilia. (Discount codes when applicable)

$40 - Investor!
You see my potential and want to see how far I can be pushed for a stronger future!

At this rank, you'll be able to make a request for your own commissioned custom piece! Be it an illustration, animation, or video topic! You will be able to get multiple commissions as they become unlocked with future goals (Terms and Conditions will be discussed privately)

$100 - Royalty

You literally only chose this out of the goodness of your heart or are financially irresponsible.

If you would rather make a one-time donation to support me, here are a few options:
◆ Ko-fi
◆ Twitch sub
◆ Streamlabs

Thank you so much for any and all support, it means the world to me.

Stay splendid!

$149 of $150 per month
Will cover the bare nesessities to keep things up and running.
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