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There aren't any tiers here. I don't want to hide any of my content behind a paywall. Even if you can't donate, it doesn't make you any less of a Picky Penguin. By supporting me, you are helping me bring you all even better content than I could before with just YouTube's ad revenue. Whether you give a dollar or more, just know that your patronage is greatly appreciated.




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About NicoB

A Little About Me

Helloooo, this is NicoB!

I'm a YouTuber who has been making daily gaming videos for almost 7 years now. I play all my games completely blind and give my unadulterated reactions and feedback on everything I experience. I also give each games' characters a unique voice and tend to ad lib humorous scenarios whenever I have a chance. YouTube has become my livelihood and my dream job and thanks to it, I've met a number of wonderful people and been privileged enough to garner a loving fanbase, whom I call my "Picky Penguins."

Complete Transparency

I'll be honest: I never really intended to make a Patreon account. While I've done fundraising events before for things like my dog Bernie and additional capture cards, as well as selling my own line of Picky Penguin plushies, my main source of income has always been YouTube's ad revenue. Over the years, as my channel grew in size, it became possible for me to work full-time on YouTube and make it my sole focus. It was always my hope that I would be able continue to make my living through this system.

However, I've come to realize over the past 6 months that this is no longer possible. My monthly revenue has fallen to the point where making a living has become difficult, with my CPM now being half of what it used to be. It's no secret that YouTube has been making changes to its system in an attempt to appease advertisers. I honestly thought I had avoided the brunt of these changes, but it seems I was mistaken.

So this basically leaves me with two choices: either censor myself on YouTube by playing games that fit their guidelines and avoiding any form of profanity; or instead reach out to you all for help and attempt to break free of this unreliable system of revenue.

I want to continue to be true to you guys just as I always have been and give you all the content that you subscribed for; and it's my hope that this venture will give me the means to bring you guys even higher quality videos than I could before.

If I Support You, What Do I Get?

I don't want to hide any of my content behind a paywall. By becoming a patron, you're choosing to support me and my videos so that I can bring all of you even better content. Here are the kinds of series you can expect from me:

Let's Play Series: The channel's bread and butter. I pick a game I've never played and play through it blind from beginning to end, all while taking suggestions from my fanbase. Expect a lot of goofy voices, adlibbing, and inside-jokes to happen along the way.
The Council of Voices: My channel's "original" series, pulling characters from a number of different video games and placing them in my own original story. It's easily my most ambitious and difficult-to-make series. By supporting me here, it's my hopes that I can hire an editor or two to help make these videos more consistently and frequently (and without sacrificing a Let's Play).
A Real Moment With NicoB: My vlog-styled videos, which usually involve me unboxing geeky stuff, cooking gaming related foods, talking about important updates, and giving a look behind-the-scenes.
Anime Reaction/Reviews: One part reaction, one part abridged series. I react to different anime while also adlibbing a number of goofy moments. I've only done two at the time of making this, but I would definitely like to do more of these in the future, and with your help I can.
Bernie the Dog: Anything and everything Bernie-related; ie. my female, black French Bulldog who loves cuddling, playing chase-the-toy, and occasionally showing up in a video or two (preferably at the end, see Goals section).

Thank You

Even if you decide you can't donate or do initially but need to stop after some time, don't feel bad! We all have our own financials to worry about. Regardless, I appreciate all the love and kindness you penguins have shown me over the past six and a half years. And while the current situation may not be the most ideal, I hope that in the end, it can help me to bring you guys even better content than I could before.

Love you, penguins, and stay classy!

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With $3,000 per month, I'll be able include more unique Real Moments With NicoB, such as cooking segments, behind-the-scenes, and singing stuff.
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