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About Nicola Diaz

Hello, I am Nicola and I have an addiction……….

…….an addiction to unleashing my naughtiest fantasies in the words of my kinky stories!

I have forever been using my erotic writings to both unleash my creative side and to explore the depths of my own sexuality, spilling my sordid secrets for several years over countless filthy stories.

My catalogues are on sale through various vendors online but have I set up my own Patreon page to explore my writing further.

For all of my Patrons who pledge, you will receive 100% exclusive content not available anywhere else on the Internet.

I hope to release content on a regular basis - and the more pledges I receive, the more time I can dedicate to producing and providing exclusive content!

In my ideal scenario, I would like to be posting on a weekly and monthly basis -
  • Downright kinky quickies less than 500 words that are bursting with the naughtiest scenes you can think of
  • Filthy flash fiction less than 3000 words long filled with naughty kink from beginning to end
  • Sexy shorts around 4000-5000 words long with a number of steamy scenes with characters exploring their own sexuality until they are fully exhausted

Furthermore, I will be running polls to explore your favorite niches further, both giving you the stories you love to read and stretching my own creative juices.

Reading through some of my stories, you’ll notice that I sometimes get carried away when I hit the really dirty scenes…… I’m afraid you’ll simply need to be bear with me while I spill my creative juices ;-)

Thank you for reading and I hope you join my on my kinky journey…………..

……….. you’ll be glad you did!
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Peep Show
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 Thank you so much for supporting me!

This tier offers you a cheeky peek into my writing style. Pop your head round the corner and have a naughty glance but just make sure no-one catches you……….

This will provide you with access to Quickie monthly polls and access to Patreon exclusive monthly 500 word quickies.

A Naughty Peek
per month

This tier will give you more of a naughty peek into my writing style and the kinky little fetishes I like writing about 


Access to fortnightly Patreon exclusive 500 word quickies

Access to fortnightly Quickie polls 

Turning into a Kinky habit
per month

Join me in my journey as we explore this habit of kink - I invite you into my perverted mind on a weekly basis. Pop in and see what unspeakable actions the characters in my quickies indulge in! 


Access to weekly Patreon exclusive 500 word quickies

Access to weekly Quickie polls

The Dirty Mind Has No Limits
per month

My characters start to show more than just the action between the sheets. But don’t worry, it simply more kinky and erotic writings. Only this time, you be teased and tormented on the way to the climactic conclusion! 


Access to monthly Patreon exclusive 3000 word flash fiction

Access to monthly Flash Fiction polls

Access to all previous rewards

Taking a step towards sex addiction
per month

It starts to come thick and fast from this tier onwards. Brace yourself for the onslaught on naughty words, kinky clothes and filthy fantasies.   


Access to fortnightly Patreon exclusive 3000 word flash fiction

Access to fortnightly Flash Fiction polls

Access to all previous rewards

Sex addiction is a forgone conclusion
per month

At this point, your mind will be subjected to seven sexy stories every month. Ranging from panty melting quickie's to short stories building up the excitement to the climactic finish……….  


Access to monthly Patreon exclusive 5000 words short story

Access to monthly Short Story polls

Access to all previous rewards

Infamous Nympho
per month

Can you honestly not function a normal life without constantly thinking about sex? 

Well neither can I!

You have well and truly entered my word of kink - 24,000 words of naughty and sexy scenes deemed highly inappropriate for the workplace. Each and every month!

If you dare read these filthy tales in public, just make sure you are alone. I won't be held responsible if you succumb to my words and start to get carried away…………….


Access to fortnightly Patreon exclusive 5000 word short story

Access to fortnightly Short Story polls

Access to all previous rewards

Kinky, Naughty Sex Addicted Nympho
per month

Dirty, Kinky, Naughty, Filthy, Ready and Willing Sex Addicted Nympho who simply cannot function a normal life without thinking about the beauty of sex for more than two seconds. 

At this point, you are truly deeply inside me, Every single ounce of my filthy thought, dirty memoir, kinky fantasy spills onto the pages for your reading pleasure. 

You are a danger to society, with the inability to keep it in your pants and you truly need some help. 

Your hunger for erotica has meant that you now no longer have free will. But have merged into my sex addicted fantasy world. And now that I have tapped into your own kinky desires as well. I will hold you as close as possible.

The characters within my stories are simply your playthings as they tickle you naughty fantasies. 

12 new steamy stories every month testing the sexual limits of the characters!

Can you handle it hard and fast? 


Access to weekly Patreon exclusive 5000 words short story

Access to weekly Short Story polls

Access to all previous rewards

$25 – reached! per month
My first goal is to reach $25 per month. At this point I will start penning my fantasies in dirty 3000 word flash fiction form. 

In the meantime, check out the 500 word naughty quickies posted for Patrons :-)

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